Some Signs of Bed Bug to Never Ignore

We always have the thought that bed bugs live on beds only. Perhaps that is what the name suggests but it is wrong. Bed bugs can live anywhere as you can find them in the bus, sofa, or even on your official chair. It is possible to pick a bedbug from sitting down on the public transport vehicle or your car. They usually hide in bedding in your home, hotels, or pet bedding. In fact, they are so tiny that they can hide almost anywhere. Meanwhile, finding bed bugs early may allow you not to transmit them to your home or prevent you from a growing infestation.

Signs of Bedbugs and How to Check for Them

You are informed about how dangerous bedbugs are, and you are planning to avoid them by all means. Here are a few signs of bedbug infestation.

1.     A live bedbug walking around: A live bedbug seen crawling on your couch, mattress, or vehicle seat is a brilliant sign of infestation. The seats, glove boxes, and mats are ideal hideouts for the bedbugs. The bedbug you see today might have been staying there for a long period of time; regular checking is important for managing them. Regularly, the bed bugs show up when it is slightly dark. You will rarely see a live bedbug in broad daylight because bedbugs can hide perfectly. Therefore, it is necessary that you vacuum your home regularly to block the survival of bedbugs.

2.     Bites and bumps on your skin: The favorite food for bedbugs is mostly human blood. Suddenly you might notice red bumps on your body after driving or traveling but fail to know the real cause. Indeed, bedbugs can nip you when you are driving or taking a nap on the back seat of the car. In other cases, these insects might not bite you immediately. But, they will just latch on you later when they are in your home. You shouldn’t assume that all bites and bumps on your skin are from mosquitoes. Sometimes, it might look like mosquito bites, but you should check for bedbug infestation whenever you notice a bite on your skin.

3.     Exoskeleton near cracks and crevices: Bedbugs can shed their exoskeleton at least once in a week and in some other circumstances; they shed the exoskeleton five times before reaching maturity. Should you see any exoskeleton around your surrounding (bed, carpet, vehicle, pet bedding) you should kindly speak with a professional exterminator. You can see the exoskeletons on the areas where bed bugs love to hide. Simply check inside the glove compartment, the console and between the vehicle seats. Check routinely as they might be moving to the different parts of the vehicle.

4.     Dark rusty-colored spots on carpet, sheets, mattresses, or fabrics: When you notice any dark spots on your textile, you may have an infestation on your hands. Bedbugs often leave fecal stains on the areas they walk or assemble in significant numbers. The spots smear if you touch them and in fact, they can have an unpleasant smell. Ensure you regularly check your linens and textiles for the telltale dark rusty spots.

5.     Noticing musty odors: If you realize any uncommon and musty odors in your car, it can be a sign of any insect issues. Unpleasant and musty smells usually signify the presence of pesky critters and bedbugs fall into this category. These particular insects produce pheromones which can be very strong when there are several congregated in one area.

6.     Your friend has mentioned bedbug issues: You may not realize that bedbugs spread from one person to another. The friend that you carpool with or the colleague you go on a business trip might unknowingly transmit bed bugs to your personal belongings. In fact, your cleanest friend might be carrying insects along. This implies that the parasite doesn’t care whether you are clean or unclean; it needs to feed on your blood.

What to do if you have found these insects

When you find bed bugs, the next thing to do is to call an exterminator right away. They will need to confirm if your infestation is what you believe or some other critter. Also, they will be able to assess the extent of the problem.


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