Some Beautiful Secrets from India to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Sushmita is the name of a hair care guru and one of India’s most popular rising stars of video blogging. A lot of women are positively crazy about her luxuriant long hair. Most ladies are always willing to try out her hair care and growth-enhancement recipes. They are as follows:

  1. Use Aloe Vera Juice: Do you have any aloe vera plant that is leading a dull existence in a flowerpot somewhere around your residence? Then it is the right time to put it to use! Aloe vera juice stimulates hair growth and it is very helpful in scalp care. The procedure includes; snip off a few aloe leaves, cut each leaf in half to ensure juice secretion, massage the juice into your hair roots (the use of massage movements will help improve blood circulation and ensure better absorption), and leave the mask on for at least two hours. If you desire, you can let it stay there overnight.
  2. Prepare a Panthenol Mask: D-panthenol is a synthetic vitamin B5 which, when introduced to the skin, is transformed into pantothenic acid (a chemical known for normalizing the condition of the epidermis). Its properties include the restoration of hair follicles and prevention of hair loss. The procedures include; wash your hair as usual, apply panthenol (in foam or gel form) to clean hair focusing attention on the roots or you can also apply panthenol along the whole length of the hair to smooth it out and get rid of static electricity.
  3. Rinse Your Scalp With Cold Water After Washing: You should consider making this your habit. Cold water closes the pores and improves blood circulation which in turn leads to faster hair growth. As an extra bonus, your hair will become noticeably shinier. The procedures include; rinse your hair as usual, after making use of a conditioner or mask then wash the hair with cold water.


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  1. Wash Your Hair With Apple Vinegar: Repeating this process a couple of times in a month can suffice. Apple vinegar can activate the hair follicles which is an indispensable service that will help you on your desire for lush hair. The process are; wash your hair, use apple vinegar instead of hair conditioner, don’t rinse it off (unlike wine vinegar, apple vinegar doesn’t possess a strong smell).
  2. Treat Your Scalp to Protein Masks: Here is a good trick to fight protein shortage and it includes; take two room-temperature eggs, separate the whites from the yolks (whip the whites and apply them to the roots of your hair), for added effect – you can wrap your head with polyethylene and put on a warm hat.
  3. Try an Egg and Cognac Mask: It is widely known that eggs are full of protein while cognac has tannins which can enable you to have thicker, fuller hair and stimulate hair growth. The procedures are; take two eggs and a glass of cognac, whisk the ingredients with a fork or put them in a mixer and then applying the resulting mix to the hair roots, add olive oil when you want to apply the mask along the entire length (this will give you hair softness and manageability).
  4. Make Use of Essential Oils: Some essential oils such as jojoba, almond, lavender, rosemary, and thyme oils usually have a beneficial effect on hair follicles by offering your scalp with a huge number of vitamins and herbal components. The procedures includes; mix the above listed essential oils together or add them to a coconut oil mask, apply the mix to your hair roots (wait for two to three hours), for you to wash an oil mask properly, rinse your head twice using an ordinary shampoo, or once using an alkaline-based shampoo for deep cleaning.

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