Six Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Mattress

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Do you regularly clean your mattress? Okay. A lot of people spend several hours on the mattress as most people spend a third of their lives asleep. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of us have invested in a good mattress. Definitely, we all want our mattress to last long as possible. Meanwhile, there are some mistakes we need to avoid in order to enjoy the mattress for much longer.

The importance of good mattress

Every night we sleep an average of eight hours on a mattress. The mattress is responsible for about 80% of our sleeping comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a good mattress that is appropriate for your sleeping preferences. Some people like to sleep on hard mattresses, while others sleep much better on a soft surface. Therefore, before you buy a new mattress, always research which materials and types of mattress are most appropriate for you.  Have you managed to get the best mattress? To extend the lifespan of your desired mattress, kindly make sure you don’t make the following six mistakes:

1.     You don’t turn your mattress over regularly: If you sleep in the same position each night, you eventually create a depression in your mattress. You can avoid uneven usage by turning your mattress over every three months.

2.     You don’t use a mattress protector: There are many unsavory substances such as dust mites, dead skin cells and sweat that can end up in your mattress. It could be as a result of your mattress not smelling fresh, and can even lead to bacterial growth. An easy way to avoid this is to make use of a mattress protector. The positive thing about it is that mattress protectors are cheap to buy.

3.     You don’t clean your mattress: You should be honest to yourself: when last did you clean your mattress? Cleaning your mattress regularly is very essential if you want it to last long. Therefore, endeavor to clean it every three months. For example, you can clean your mattress with some baking soda.

4.     Your children use it as a trampoline: Even though it is a lot fun for kids to jump on the bed, it is definitely not a good idea. A box spring isn’t made to be jumped on, and if the springs in your mattress are damaged, it will no longer provide the necessary support you deserve.

5.     You keep the curtains closed: Dust mites and bacteria thrive in dark, musty environments. It is therefore important to open your curtains each morning, don’t make your bed immediately, and if possible, leave a window slightly open. In such a way, your mattress can breathe, and it will continue to smell fresh.

6.     You don’t wash your bedding enough: Just as we have mentioned earlier, dust mites, dead skin cells or sweat can easily penetrate into your mattress. You can simply prevent this with the use of a mattress protector, and also by changing your bed linen regularly, ideally about once a week.

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