She Put bags Filled with Water in Her Shoes and the Reason is Genius! You Have to Try This!

This is a fantastic trick for all women who love shoes! Most women tend to love shoes (most of the time). They especially love to buy them when they are on sale and can’t resist taking them. Sometimes those trendy black shoes that appeared so pretty in the store aren’t very comfortable, but we buy them anyway.


On average, women own 26 pairs of shoes. Let us face it though, a large amount of these are probably standing at the back of the closet and haven’t seen the light of the day in ages. It mostly happens that we come home from our shopping store and notice that those shoes we bought weren’t as comfortable as we thought (or hopes) they were… and what do you end up doing? Returning them and buying a new pair? No need! This particular trick will enable you to very easily stretch your shoes just that little bit extra to ensure they fit you properly!

To achieve this, what you need are only three which includes two ziplock bags, water, and a freezer.

How to do it

Fill the ziplock bags with water until they are about halfway full and put them in your shoes (don’t forget to close the bag first!)  You should try to sufficiently push the bag into the nose of the shoe. Simply put the shoes with the bags of water in them into the freezer and let them stay there until the water has frozen. Then, take them out of the freezer and let the ice thaw for about 20 minutes. Your shoes will be stretched out a little bit and they will fit much better than before!

Do you want to see how it is done? Then you should watch the video below! Wondering how you can make your leather shoes look good as new again?

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