See What Jennifer Aniston Eats in a Day

Most people have been wondering what the actress eat in a day to stay in shape, this article reveal what she eats to make 50years look like 30years. Jennifer Aniston has been a pop culture icon for longer years which is a great feat. For people that have been watching her as 1994 Rachel Green in Friends, or most recently as Rosie in Dumplin, she somehow look almost THE EXACT SAME.

What could be the secret to looking youthful and fit at the age of fifty by her? In her own words, she noted that her favorites are sports, and a strict diet. Have you been curious about what she eats? This is on her list of food faithfuls.

This is what makes her look youthful and agile.


Jennifer Aniston doesn’t usually start her day with the normal breakfast, alternating between several meals to ensure things keep interesting. She usually makes it from a protein shake, avocado and eggs, gluten-free muesli with a banana or oatmeal with proteins. “When I wake up, I have warm lemon water and then I have a shake or avocado and eggs, which is one of my favorites,” Aniston told the magazine.

Jennifer told Elle that she normally add protein to her oatmeal to feel fuller longer in the morning. She boils the egg and then stirs the egg whites into her oatmeal. According to Jennifer, it gives the oats a creamy texture.


Her launch is a bit more monotonous than the breakfast. She almost always goes for a salad with lots of vegetables and protein. Normally, she tries to change her lunchtime meal with different vegetables and protein sources. This meal seems like it can get a bit boring over time. Yet, Jennifer swears by this and rarely go against the lunch.

Do you wish to know the dinner being taken by Jennifer, here is her meal?


If you were thinking her dinner would have a bit more excitement, then you are having a wrong assumption. Her dinner actually look similar with her lunch. She ensures that she is able to get enough vegetables and protein in the evening time. She usually consumes a lot of raw vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, butter lettuce, and pulled chicken. Jennifer noted that it usually helps to prepare her meals in advance.


We will all expect her snacks to be healthy, actually it is. Her snacks typically consist of apples, and nuts or peanut butter. It establishes a perfect combination of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein and they are very easy to carry.

Cheat Meal

She never almost commits a food sin, but if she does, she would prefer to eat a large plate of pasta. Her most preferred pasta meal is a healthier variant of pasta carbonara. Jennifer usually makes it with a turkey fillet sauce, egg, parmesan cheese and water. Then, she usually omits oil, butter or cream. Definitely, we all prefer a different cheat meal but to each his own!


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