Scientists Explain 5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Too Much Salt

Everyone would love to have salt in their meal but taking too much of it can be harmful to your health. Health practitioners usually warn the public to desist from taking too much salt and the reason it is unhealthy is very obvious. However, it is important for the body to receive sodium in order to function efficiently but overdoing is unacceptable.

It is often unknown by most people why majority of food companies usually get people coming back for more and the bitter truth is that they are able to generate more money through the use of salt and while making people to get addicted and unhealthy. It is however on record that an average American consumes up to 3,400mg per day. Salts are mostly derived from processed foods and it can even cause high risk of contacting health problems. This is connected to the fact that processed foods are usually very low in nutrients composition with a few ton of calories and little too many pinches of salt.

Meanwhile, it is obvious that salt is unavoidable and according to report, in the US, 10% of all heart-related deaths are caused by too much consumption of sodium. However, some people might not die while taking too much of salt but it will certainly bring about other health challenges to them. Therefore, this article will explain what will happen to your body when taking too much of salt and possible ways you can reduce the intake of added salt.

Things That Happen To You When Taking Too Much Salt:

– Osteoporosis: The body usually loses out much calcium where there is more intake of sodium. This is because you will often urinate when you have high-sodium diets and by urinating you lose out calcium. Therefore, the more you urinate, the more calcium lost. This clearly indicates that ingesting too much salt can develop osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a health condition that cans weak the bones and it can even lead to bone breakage. Calcium is a pivotal nutrient needed for bone health and the presence of high sodium would get it off.

– It can cause kidney problems: You can easily develop kidney stones where there is presence of high sodium diets in the body since there will be increment in your urine. Such process would be very active in the formation of the stones and the more you consume salt, your body would need to hold on to more water to try to dilute the sodium. Therefore, if you are on high-sodium diet, the kidney will remove little water and such act would make the blood pressure to increase. With this, you can experience kidney failure because as the blood pressure rise up to receive the excess salt, there will be high stains on arteries that lead to the kidneys.


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