Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Basic Does Not Mean Bad

Smart clocks may not be so expensive to be good. Example: Galaxy Watch Active. Since it is a less expensive version of the Galaxy Watch last year, Samsung has overturned this leading smart clock to its core. Abandoned the rotary frame, reduced its design and put the word “active” to attract sports users. This smart watch keeps everything Samsung can wear, but at a fraction of the price, which means you’ll have to deal with some simple trade-offs.


The Galaxy Watch Active is essentially the flagship watch of Galaxy Watch in a basic sports body. It loses the rotary frame, has a much smaller face and a shorter battery life, but offers everything you expect from the high-end Samsung smart clock at $ 200.

Interface design

People who are familiar with Samsung smart watches will notice the missing rotor frame. I was stunned because it was over, because it made precision when navigating the Tizen side-scrolling interface. But the good news is that thanks to his absence, Galaxy Watch Active is 20 percent smaller and 60 percent lighter than Galaxy Watch. In fact, the device is so annoying that it fits the cuff of all the jackets and sometimes I forget I wear it.

This low volume is great for comfort, but overall I think Active is nice and nice without a frame. This may be due to owning a regular black version instead of silver, green or pink gold options. But, hey, at least it’s not ugly and matches most of my clothes.

Without the frame, you’ll need to rely on the 1.1-inch touch screen and two buttons to navigate the operating system. Since the Active 40mm face is smaller than the Galaxy Watch, it was sometimes difficult to interact with the screen accurately. This watch is not friendly to fat fingers.

Tizen without a rotary frame is also more dependent on a little suicidal, and passes all the notifications that accumulate on the left side of the clock some time. Otherwise, the interface is relatively intuitive and easy to use.

The two buttons help things just by knowing what to do. Pressing the top will return a page, while the bottom will take you to the clock face or show all applications when you are already at home. You can also press the top button to start the Samsung Pay and long press the lower key to turn the clock on or off. By default, double-clicking the lower button calls Bixby, although you can customize this to turn on one of the 10 apps, create a reminder, set the alarm, start the workout, or pull the last application.

When talking about, the Samsung assistant has proven surprisingly useful on Watch Active. Bixby was smart enough to start the right exercise session when I asked “Start a vicious circle” and sent messages to my friends using the apps I told them exactly. They were smart enough to distinguish between Text and WhatsApp, and interpreted my message correctly most of the time. Bixby felt a slight improvement from the last time I used it, which was in note 9. Then again, my expectations for Bixby were so low that the fact that it was absolutely good impressed me. I noticed that Watch Active is faster and better in recognizing the wake-up word than the OS hours you used.

Along with Bixby, the Watch Active watch is mostly smooth, thanks to the dual-core Exynos 9110 CPU. Sometimes she was struggling to record my touches or run an application. Tizen supports hundreds of third party applications such as Spotify, UnderArmor, Speedo and MapMyRun. There are fewer of those on watchOS or Wear OS, but you still find that most of your favorite services are available. I could not find the Yelp option or the official Evernote option in the Galaxy Store, but I do not use smart clock applications very much and I do not feel I miss much.

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