RICHARD ANTWI Scholarship from the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom

Richard Antwi was a lawyer, music director and entrepreneur born in London, passionate about music, the arts and new talent. The Richard Antwi Scholarship aims to continue this legacy by helping black and ethnic minority students of the Masters in Music Business Management to realize their full potential. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to continue this legacy and build a more dynamic and inclusive music industry.

Amount Full Tuition fee award, £10,200 per annum towards living costs (distributed in 12 monthly installments for Full Time and 24 monthly instalments for Part Time students) and an opportunity to undertake work experience during the course.
Eligibility You must hold a September 2020 course offer for MA Music Business Management and be from the UK. Preference will be given to you if you are from a BME background.
Criteria Demonstrable passion and experience or interest in music, music and technology or music management; financial need. Work experience in the field or academic excellence is preferable.
Deadline 31 July 2020
Course offers and scholarships
Before you can apply for a scholarship, you must first apply and hold an offer on a course at the University of Westminster. Once you have a conditional or unconditional offer on a course, you will receive an email / confirmation letter from the admissions office, then you can apply for a scholarship.

Advice on how to apply for admission to a course can be found on these pages:

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    It can take four to six weeks to obtain a course offer, so you must request admission to the chosen course (s) at least six weeks before the application deadline.

    Most scholarship offers will be subject to the condition that students obtain the required marks, which are generally of a higher level than the entry conditions.

    Eligibility for RICHARD ANTWI Scholarship
    Each of our scholarships has its own set of eligibility criteria which you should check carefully to make sure you are eligible before applying.

    Higher value scholarships are the most competitive, so we advise you to carefully choose the scholarship you are applying for, depending on whether you meet the eligibility criteria and your true level of financial need.

    Please note: you can only apply for ONE scholarship. Submitting multiple requests (for example, one for half the fee and one for a partial fee award) will result in automatic rejection, because your financial need is unclear.

    Application criteria for RICHARD ANTWI Scholarship
    General criteria
    If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you will not be able to apply for a scholarship.
    Have you applied for a scholarship in the past 2 years and failed?

    If you are denied a University of Westminster scholarship, you cannot reapply for two calendar years. For example, if your application for September 2019 is rejected, the next scholarship program you can apply for is September 2021.

    Do you already have a qualification of equivalent level?
    If you already have an equivalent level qualification (ELQ), you cannot apply for a scholarship. So if you are a graduate applying for another undergraduate degree or a master’s degree applying for a postgraduate degree, you are treated as an ELQ student. The only exception to this rule is that your International Master’s degree is considered equivalent to a British undergraduate degree.

    Have you already obtained a diploma in a developed country at your expense?
    If you have already obtained a diploma in a developed country, you will not be able to apply for one of our full scholarships (covering flights, accommodation, tuition and living expenses). However, you can apply for one of our scholarships, provided that you meet the eligibility criteria.

    Ineligible courses

    Please note that if your course belongs to one or more of the categories below, you cannot apply for a scholarship:

    Graduate Diploma (eg. Graduate Diploma in Law)
    Professional practice courses (e.g. RIBA pt III)
    Conversion price
    Integrated Masters
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