Remember Tiger Balm? It is a True Miracle Product! Here is All The Things You Can Do With It!

It is a statement of fact that we all need some tiger balm in our lives. Several people remember it from the days of yore, but we haven’t seen it around a lot lately again: tiger balm. The salve hails from China and has been around for almost a century and a half! It was invented in 1870 by Chinese herbalist Aw Chu Kin and it is a true miracle product.

It turns out it is super useful!

Tiger balm

These days, hardly anyone seems to know about it anymore, which is a real pity. When you rub some tiger balm on your skin, it creates a warm sensation, which is especially soothing if you have got aching arms or legs. Yet it turns out you can use the balm for much more than just pain relief. We have made a list!

Other uses

·        Vermin: If there are places in your home where vermin and insects pop up every now and then, try using some tiger balm. Simply rub the balm on the spots the creatures use to get in. The smell of the balm will make sure they stay away!

·        Nasty smells: If you have a sweaty smell lingering around you, you could rub some of the balm on the smelly parts of your body. The smell of menthol will mask the body odour.

·        Paint stains on your hands: No matter how careful you are, you will end up with a few stains on your hands if you have been painting. Just rub some balm on them and you will be able to wipe the stains right off using a cloth!

·        Sore throat: When you feel a sore throat coming on, try rubbing some tiger balm on your throat. You will observe it will also help you breathe more freely.

·        Stuffy nose: Tiger balm contains a lot of menthol, so if you have got a stuffy nose, rubbing a bit of it just beneath your nose can help you breathe more freely again. It is important to note that you shouldn’t rub it on your mucous membranes, because that might lead to irritation.

·        Headache: Do you have a headache? Rub some of the balm on your temples and you will notice the headache will go away.

·        Musty clothes: Place a little tub of tiger balm in your wardrobe. The balm will make sure your shoes and clothes will smell fresh again and it will keep moths at bay.

·        Mosquitoes bites: Have you been bitten by a mosquito? Not an issue! Rub a little bit of balm on the bite and it will stop itching.

·        Diarrhea or constipation: Rub some of the balm around your navel and then cover this area with your hand for a couple of minutes. You will notice relief straight away.

·        Removing stickers: Having trouble fully removing a sticker? Rub some balm on the spot in question and you will pull the sticker right off!

·        Removing chewing gum: Getting chewing gum out of your clothes or hair is an absolute nightmare, but not when you have a tiger balm with you! Rub some balm on the chewing gum and wait for a little bit. You will be able to remove the gum very easily!


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