Real life Step By Step Guide To The Process Of Insurance Claims

Real life Step By Step Guide To The Process Of Insurance Claims

  1. Subscription
    Besides the financial advisor who will provide you with forms to fill them and eventually
    sign them, the insurance agent is someone else you might encounter, usually by telephone
    or in some cases. The nurse that comes to withdraw some blood forms part of the
    underwriting team.
    The insurance company determines the coverage that you qualify for based on the
    comprehensive information you provide. So it is necessary to be honest.
    Deby fully understands the IPO process and claims. However, many people
    underestimate the importance of a comprehensive and complete view of their health.
    Even if you think it is unimportant, declare it anyway. “
  2. Investigation of claims
    When the time comes to claim, the information provided is checked, hence the
    importance of providing accurate information regularly throughout your coverage.

When buying long-term insurance, you are offered a policy advisor or broker, which you
accept to ensure the protection of your financial future. This may seem quick and simple;
but behind the scenes, much goes to ensure that policyholders have adequate cover from
the long-term insurer.
Deby Fischer, a specialist in integrating the revitalization of the financial services
industry, got Dread Disease Cover after talking to her financial adviser about her family’s
history of serious illnesses. In 2017, he was diagnosed with an unexpected brain tumor.
During angiography, unexpected complications led to a few cranial emergencies.
She was out of work for six months and needed to re-learn basic skills like walking. Deby
shares her step-by-step experience that led her to pay her insurance by Liberty Life.

Deby says having a financial adviser to work on your behalf is essential at this stage. The
consultants have completed all models and understand all the cover requirements. I was
too sick to even complete the forms myself or even convey the basic information. I do not
know what I would do
Without my financial advisers. “

  1. Non-disclosure
    In Liberty, if there is a conflict with the information, the risk will be reassessed. The lack
    of disclosure becomes a problem, and Liberty assesses each case based on its own
    importance because sometimes errors occur. Only in extreme cases, where the relevant
    information is intentional
    Has been withheld, claims have been rejected and premiums returned to policyholders.
    After her experience, Deby says it is not important to neglect the sharing of basic
  2. Payment
    The following is the payment stage, either in lump sum or in monthly installments. The
    most important part here is to know from the beginning how payments are made and
    what is covered. The cost of Deby’s disease of more than one million rand and the
    misconceptions about its coverage could have been financially devastating.
    Debbie stresses: “Read the terms and conditions correctly.” If you are not sure what all
    items mean, ask your financial advisor
  3. Recovery
    With your financial needs covered, you can focus on recovery or lifestyle adjustments
    without financial stress. Deby quickly discovered this. “The risk coverage has affected
    my recovery and my progress.”

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