Quebec Study Research Fund for Ukraine and Russian Students in Canada 2022


Are you planning to study in Canada for this 2022/2023 academic session? Good! Your great dream can come true through the ongoing Quebec Study Research Fund for Ukraine and Russian students application.

The Quebec Research fund is designed for the Russian and Ukrainian students who want to undertake a master’s degree program at a college or university in Quebec.

Eligible Country for Quebec Study Research Fund

• Ukraine and Russian Students

Eligible Criteria for Quebec Study Research Fund:

• You are to present a valid Ukrainian or Russian passport on the date of submission of the application;
• You are to present a residence permit (refugee application or visa);
Justify its request
• You must not have already started the training program;
• You must be planning to work on a research project or do an internship in one of the research fields covered by the FRQ;
• Confirmation that the director of the research or the internship supervisor accepts the student in their team;
• You must plan for a continuous physical presence in Quebec for the duration of the funding, except the periods of release provided for in the university calendar.
• Applicants that continue their training under joint supervision are also subject to this rule. In their case, a study stay in the country targeted by the cotutelle is not permitted.

Entry Process for Quebec Study Research Fund:
• For you to be able to apply for the Quebec Study Research Fund, you will have to create a folder in FRQnet, it is important to create a user account. And once your user account has been created, you will find the Electronic application form in your Electronic Portfolio.

Benefits of Quebec Study Research Fund:

• 2 Years of Master’s Program: $17,500 per year; $35,000 in total
• 3 Years of Doctorate’s Program: $21,000 per year; $63,000 in total
• 2 Years of Post-doctorate’s Program: $45,000 per year; $90,000 in total

Other Documents for Quebec Study Research Fund:
• You must have a copy of a Russian or Ukrainian passport;
• You have a Residence permit or proof that an application has been made (email, acknowledgment of receipt, etc.);
• You must have a Letter of Presentation/Motivation, as well as the proof requested in the Eligibility conditions section.


The Entrance Criteria for Quebec Study Research:
• You must follow the application and meet the academic criteria.
• You demonstrate that you are proficient in English.

Application Deadline: Not Specified

Application Link: 


The Quebec Study Research Fund for Ukraine and Russian Students in Canada is a fully funded program, and it is for the Postgraduate students who hailed from Russia and Ukraine. Unlike the partially funded programs, recipient of this scholarship doesn’t have to pay part of the payment as sponsor has already taken care of it.

Beautiful! The host country of the scholarship program is Canada– a country that is home to some of the best universities in the world. The recipients of the Quebec Study Research Fund do not need to worry about jobs after their studies as there are enough jobs in Canada for the international students.


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