Physical Exercise You Needs To Do That Are Recommended For Anxiety

Physical Exercise You Needs To Do That Are Recommended For Anxiety
You need to know that the role your body plays in your mental health can’t be overemphasized. You might be faced with unnecessary and terrifying scenario of anxiety or depression; it is very possible to get rid of it with physical exercise you might have been neglecting.

The benefits of this physical exercise are numerous such as that it can help you improve your mental condition or help you fight some diseases and keep you fit. Practicing these exercises for anxiety now can help you avoid that feeling of helplessness in the future and make you strong and agile.

Although, these exercises are not said to be the cure of anxiety but with consistency, it will have a significant impact in maintaining your mental health. This is because you will be able to manage your feelings anytime you are anxious and engage in any of those physical exercises. Also, exercise has been affirmed to be very effective in reducing stress or fatigue. This is because exercise and other physical activity can produce endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that can serve as painkillers and also help to improve your ability to sleep and hence reduce stress in the body.

According to scientists, stress and anxiety are normal part of life as they could come up at any point in time. It is recorded that people who are physical active have lower rate of anxiety and depression than sedentary people.

Some of these physical exercises are thus:


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Running: This form of exercise is very common and less energy-consuming. It is unarguably one of the best forms of fitness to maintain good health. It is very active in preventing heart disease. According to research, when you run for even 5 minutes a day, you have the possibility to live longer. It is also known to help improve moods in a variety of ways. Running can be attributed to ability to sleep sound at night.
Breathing exercise: Some people do not know how essential is deep breathing to the health. Always note that in a case whereby you are in a fearful state of mind such as panic or any one, just take a deep breath. This means that learning and practicing breathing techniques is very important in managing anxiety which shows that when you are able to control the way you breathe, it will make it easier for you to relax yourself. Therefore, it is recommended to always practice breaking exercise for sound mental health.
Muscle relaxation exercise: It is well known that the moment we get stressed, our muscles become tense and if appropriate measure isn’t taking, it can lead to lingering muscle pain and tension. Therefore, it is good to always engage in muscle relaxation exercise. You can just sit down and close your eyes for a moment for you to be aware of your muscles. One of the techniques on this is called Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). You can perform this exercise by going to a cool or quite place where no one will disturb you, close your eyes and work your way through each muscle group from your head down to your toes. Then for each muscle group, follow these steps:
Breathe in.
Tense the muscles in your forehead as much as you can without causing pain.
Breathe out.
Relax the muscles you were tensing.
Pause for ten to twenty seconds, noticing how these muscles now feel.
Repeat these steps for the next muscle group. Continue all the way down your body until you’ve done them all.
Yoga: Yoga is a great exercise that could help reduce anxiety. According to a small study done by researchers and published by Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, people who had taken yoga classes are reported to experience reduction in anxiety, depression and anger symptoms. This shows that with the use of Yoga, you are liable to reduce the risk of depression or anxiety. Also, a clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Michael’s said “the great thing about yoga is that besides the stretching and core strengthening, there is a tremendous focus on breathing, which helps to slow down and calm the mind”.
Other techniques that can help reduce anxiety include:

– Supportive network: Make it a habit by discussing issues with people that are supportive to you. It can be friend or family. Avoid storing anxious feelings to yourself and try to be open-minded.

– Stress management: It is very to learn how to manage stress. Always make proper planning of yourself and avoid been stressed up due to heavy tasks that could consume too much of your time.


When you are able to practice these exercises, you will have the opportunity of maintaining a good mental health and have a better body fitness. These exercises can be more effective than the other, what you need to do is by practicing it for you to know the ones that work better for you.


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