Not a Fan of Ironing? With This Tip You Will Be Done Before You Know It!

This tip will make your clothes to be ironed in no time! Doing the housework can be quite a big task for some people. And it is such a chore! Postponing it or simply not doing at all isn’t even the option, because it will only get worse.


Laundry and ironing are among the house chores that you actually have to do after a while. Everyone wears clothes and that results in entire piles of laundry. Throw them in the washing machine and let them dry; it sounds pretty easy though. But then you are left with those annoying wrinkles in your clothes. Oh no, that implies you need to iron! Fortunately, we have got a tip for you that will ensure your ironing is super easy and quick.

Aluminum foil

You don’t need any fancy products or expensive new iron to iron your clothes as quickly as possible. The solution is very easy. All you need is some aluminum foil. This handy household helper can save us tons of time. It is not just useful in the kitchen; it is also very practical when it comes to ironing.

How it works

Placing a sheet of aluminum foil underneath the cover of your ironing board causes a lot more heat, since the aluminum foil reflects the heat of the iron. This extra heat ensures that the wrinkles disappear from your clothes much quicker. It is super easy and very cheap. We have tried it, and it indeed saved us a lot of time. Therefore, next time you find yourself with a pile of clothes to iron, remember this tip! It will leave you more time for other house chores, or for some well-deserved relaxation.

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