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In the Mines casino game, players select squares on a virtual minefield, trying to avoid hidden bombs to win prizes; the amount of the prize depends on the number of consecutive correct squares chosen.


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What is the Mines Game?

Players have the chance to place bets and win real money in the Mines game by choosing squares on a virtual minefield. In this game, the objective is to avoid the hidden bombs and increase prizes based on the number of consecutive correct square choices. The Mines game field consists of a grid, where each square can hide a bomb or allow the player to advance, and the tension increases as more squares are revealed without finding a bomb.

How to Play Mines at the Casino

To play Mines at an online casino, you need to:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Choose Mines from the menu.
  3. Set your bet.
  4. Choose the field size.
  5. Click on squares to reveal prizes or bombs.
  6. Avoid bombs to win.
  7. Choose to continue or end at any time.
  8. End the game to collect prizes.

Features of the Mines Game

Game Mines
Type Table Game
Minimum Bet R$1
Pace Fast Game
Devices Play on mobile devices or desktop.
Features Multipliers, 5 lines, 5 columns
RTP 97%

Mines is an exciting and potentially lucrative casino game available online to play with real money. Each revealed square can contain a prize or a bomb, and players must use strategy to avoid the bombs while accumulating prizes.

Bombinha is an intriguing combination of luck and skill, making it a popular choice among online casino players seeking entertainment and the chance to win substantial rewards.

Mines Demo: What to Know

A demo version of the Mines game is accessible, offering newcomers a valuable opportunity to familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics and rules without the risk of betting and losing real money. While playing the demo version of the Bombinha Game may not deliver the same intensity of excitement found when betting real money, it serves as an ideal pathway for beginners to start exploring the game.

Bombinha Game that Gives Money

Mines is an incredibly accessible and uncomplicated game, designed to be played by people of all ages and levels of experience. Its simplicity lies in the straightforward mechanic of choosing squares on a virtual minefield. This simple approach makes the game understandable even for those who have never played casino games before. Additionally, the game can be played with real money, and you can start playing with just 1 BRL.

Mines Bet at Online Casino

To place a bet on our site and start enjoying the thrilling Bombinha casino game, you need to first register. After completing the registration process, you’ll have the opportunity to deposit funds into your account. Our site offers various secure and convenient options for betting money, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience. Once the deposit is made, you’ll be ready to explore the mines and participate in an exciting betting adventure. Enjoy the fun and the chance to win big prizes while playing our captivating Mines casino game!

Bombinha Game in Brazil

The online casino game Mines is extremely popular in Brazil for several reasons. Firstly, the game offers an exciting and captivating experience, with the opportunity to win big prizes. Additionally, the simplicity of the rules makes the game accessible to players of all experience levels. The strategic aspect also attracts many Brazilians, as the game requires quick and smart decisions to maximize winning chances. Furthermore, the ability to play Mines Bet Online provides convenience and flexibility to players, allowing them to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere as long as they have internet access. Combined with the growing popularity of online casino games in Brazil, it’s no surprise that the Bombinha game is one of the favorites among Brazilian players.

The diversity of Mines game in casinos

In real money online casinos, there are over 16 variants of the game “Mines”, each made by various providers such as Spribe, BGaming, and Turbo Games.

Mines Casino
Mines Casino

How to Win in the Mines Game

In the Bombinha game, each click on a square without revealing a bomb gradually increases your winnings. The skill lies in knowing when to stop and trigger the “CASH OUT” button before a bomb explodes and zeroes out your accumulated winnings. The strategy varies from player to player: the boldest ones risk more, clicking on more squares to accumulate more winnings, while the more cautious ones prefer smaller and less risky gains, clicking on fewer squares before cashing out their winnings.


Where to play Mines?

You can play Mines on our website – on our site, we offer a variety of casino games, including the popular Mines. Our players can enjoy the thrill of betting and winning real money prizes in this captivating game.

What is the secret of the Mines game?

The secret of the Mines game lies in the player’s strategy in choosing where to place their bets, combined with a dose of luck to avoid the bombs and win prizes.

Mines game that wins money

Mines is a casino game where players can win real money by betting and hitting squares without bombs, thus obtaining cash prizes.

What is Mines?

Mines is an online casino game where players bet on a grid of squares, trying to avoid hidden bombs and win prizes by revealing safe squares.

What is the best time to play Mines?

There is no specific time to win in the Mines game. Results are determined by chance and the player’s strategy, regardless of the time the game is played. Therefore, there is no guaranteed “winning moment” in Mines.

Mines and Bombinha Game, what is it?

The difference between Mines and Bombinha Game is that they are essentially the same game but with different names. Both involve the same betting mechanic on a grid of squares, avoiding bombs, and trying to win prizes by revealing safe squares. Therefore, there is no substantial difference between Mines and Bombinha Game; they are just different terms used to describe the same casino game.

What is the volatility of the Mines game?

The volatility of Mines is very high.

What are the minimum and maximum bets of the Mines game?

The minimum bet is R$1, and the maximum bet is R$500.

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