10 Free Military Spouse Grants For College

If you’re married to a member of the United States military, and can’t afford to pay for a college degree, military spouse grants for college are for you!

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

The highlighted quote, right there, has fired many Americans to want to study more, so that they can ultimately see more and do more.

But many of those who desire education in the United States, have found themselves hampered by the cost of college education. So much so that many have seen their dreams die right before their own eyes, like a mirage, those dreams had petered out over time, leaving them distraught and heartbroken.

If you are the spouse of a US military personnel, and it seems like your dreams of going to college are fading away, we have good news for you. We know just how hard things can be for you, considering the mammoth spending that usually goes into paying for college. We know that between tuition costs, room and board, and supplies, the bill can easily spiral out of control, leaving you disappointed again. But, you’re in luck this time, as we have found an easy way out for you!

This is where military spouse grants for college can come in handy. Think of it as financial aid that helps to validate your dreams, confirming them, and even planting them firmly in the ground!

Now, isn’t that something you’d like?

Education is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family, and it’s even sweeter if you receive some help along the way. So, why don’t we get it right on, eh?

We’re here to show you how to get the most out of your education without breaking the bank, and we are sure that you will be glad that you came across this post!

What Are Military Spouse Grants For College?

Military Spouse grants for college, are programs meant to provide tuition-free credit courses to military spouses of Active Duty, Activated Guard, and Reserve troops on the basis of space availability. What this implies, is that such grants are not for every military spouse, but only to those who can apply while spaces are still available.

Such grants are a type of financial assistance that is available to spouses of active duty service members. Military spouse grants for college are offered by the federal government, state government, as well as certain private organizations, to help military spouses continue their education. The grants can be used to cover tuition, fees, room and board, books, supplies and other educational expenses.

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Who Is Eligible For Military Spouse Grants For College?

In order to be eligible for a Military Spouse Grant, you must meet certain requirements. And these requirements are very important to getting the grant you want. There are no two ways around it, you either meet eligibility requirements, or you are out of contention for military spouse grants for college. However, the requirements for different military spouse grants for college are not the same. This is why you must concentrate on any grant you are applying for, to be sure that you follow all the eligibility instructions to the letter. It is either that, or nothing!

Remember that places for grants are competitive, and grant providers won’t leave eligible folks to choose someone who is ineligible for selection. So, see to it that you put yourself in the best possible position to be eligible for selection. So, what must you do to achieve this?

First, you must be the wife or husband of an active duty service member. Second, you must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program at an accredited institution of higher learning. And finally, you must meet the financial need criteria established by the Department of Education, as well as any additional criteria that may be set by partners in the selection process. The same applies to grants by private organization, as they may set their own requirements, and you are expected to meet such requirements to be eligible.

How do Military Spouse Grants work?

Military spouse grants work similarly to other types of grants in that the funds awarded do not need to be repaid. Also, the grants are typically given out on a first come, first served basis, so it’s important to apply as soon as possible once the application process is open.

There are a few different ways to go about obtaining military spouse grants. However, the best way to start is by researching the awarding organizations and finding out which one is the best fit for you. You can also check out our list of top twenty military spouse grants for college, as we have provided detailed information about each one, to ease your application process.

Once you’ve selected a grant, the application process is fairly straightforward. Most organizations require a simple application form, proof of military marriage and (if applicable) college transcripts.

Make sure you read the eligibility requirements carefully and meet all of them before applying. It’s also important to note that most grants are only available to spouses who are currently enrolled in school or plan to enroll in the near future.

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How To Apply for Military Spouse Grants For College

Military spouse grants are a great way to help fund your education, and luckily, there are a number of awarding organizations out there that offer them. However, the application process can be frustrating, so we’re here to walk you through it.

To start, you’ll want to determine which organization you want to apply through. There are many different options, so be sure to do your research and find one that’s a good fit for you. Once you’ve selected an organization, check its website for information on how to apply. Most will require a personal statement, transcripts and proof of military service. Be sure to have all of this ready before you start applications, as they will often be due before the end of the semester or term.

So, which organizations can you apply through, and which military spouse grants for college are available to you?

Where To Find Military Spouse Grants For College

While the government does provide military spouse grants for college, the process of acquiring and utilizing these funds can be nerve-wrecking. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about military spouse grants for college. In this post, you’ll find information on all the top awarding organizations, as well as how to apply and get the grants. So whether you’re just starting your college search or are already in the thick of it, our guide will help you get the money you need to pursue your education.

There are three categories of grant providers, and they are:

  • The Military
  • The Federal Government
  • States in the US
  • Civic Groups and Private Organizations

Military Spouse Grants For College

1. The Spouse Education Assistance Program: The wives of Army personnel who are pursuing an undergraduate degree can apply for this need-based grant. Applicants must be the spouse of an active serving soldier, a retired soldier, or a soldier who died in the line of duty to be eligible. Applicants must be registered in a college or university that is accredited and have a 2.0 GPA. The award can be renewed for a total of four years, and is one of the many military spouse grants for college, available you.

2. The Gold Star scholarship Program: The Gold Star Scholarship Program is sponsored by the United States Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society for the dependent children and spouses of Navy and Marine servicemen slain in the line of duty. These military spouse grants for college vary from $500 to $2500 every academic year and are based on a mix of financial need and academic excellence.

3. Joseph A. McAlinden Divers Scholarship: The dependant spouses of active duty Navy divers are eligible for this scholarship. Applicants must be enrolled in a participating college or university’s recognized oceanographic program. These military spouse grants for college vary from $500 to $3000 and are based on financial need and academic merit.

4. USAA Enlisted Coast Guard Reservist Family Scholarship: The families of enlisted and reservist Coast Guard personnel are eligible for this scholarship. Six $1,000 scholarships are given out each year to qualifying Coast Guard personnel’s dependent children and spouses. This is another one of the military spouse grants for college available to you.

5. Army Women’s Foundation Grants: The Army Women’s Foundation understands the value of education and the role it plays in achieving personal, professional, and financial success, hence its creation of this military spouse grants for college. The Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship Program helps past and present female troops, as well as their lineal descendants, achieve their educational aspirations.

Certificate programs, Community College coursework, Undergraduate Degrees, and Graduate Degrees are all covered under the Legacy Scholarship Program. Scholarships are only given to students who have completed coursework at authorized universities.

Merit, academic potential, community service, letters of recommendation, and financial need are all factors considered when awarding scholarships. Up to $1,000 in Community College and Certificate Program Legacy Scholarships will be granted. Up to $2,500 in Legacy Scholarships will be offered to students in college, university, and graduate programs.

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6. Army Emergency Relief: Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program: To provide spouses of active duty and retired Service Members and widows(ers) of Service Members who died either on active duty or in a retired status, and residing in the U.S. with need-based financial assistance in pursuing educational goals.

7. Air Force Aid Society General George S. Brown Spouse Tuition Assistance Program (STAP): The Air Force Aid Society administers this program, which provides tuition help to the wives of active-duty US Air Force service personnel stationed overseas. 

Federal Military Spouse Grants For College

1. Federal Pell Grant Program: Pell grants military spouses is not the exclusive reserve of military spouses, meant only for military spouses. Pell grants are available to every US citizen and legal resident. And aren’t you one?

To promote access to postsecondary education, the US Department of Education offers need-based grants to low-income undergrad and postbaccalaureate students. Grants can be used at any of the approximately 5,400 postsecondary schools that participate.

2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): This grant, much like Pell grants, is not an actual military spouse grants for college. Rather, it is another federal grant open to every US citizen.

To promote access to postsecondary education, it awards need-based grants to low-income undergrad students can apply for these funds at any of the approximately 4,000 postsecondary schools that participate. Students with “exceptional need” (usually those with the lowest estimated Family contributions) receive utmost priority.

State Military Spouse Grants For College

1. Florida Student Assistance Grant Program (FSAG): This is another grant that is not an actual military spouse grants for college, but is rather a state-backed grant for residents of Florida.

A U.S. citizen who has lived in Florida for at least 12 months previous to the commencement of classes and is enrolled in a qualifying undergraduate academic degree program are both required. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is necessary.

2. Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans and Service Members: Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans and Service Members (CSDDV) program provides financial assistance to dependent children or unremarried spouses of Florida Veterans or Service Members who died as a result of service-connected injuries, diseases, or disabilities sustained while on active duty.

Or who have been certified by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs as having service-connected 100 percent permanent and total disabilities. CSDDV also offers funding for dependent children whose father is a prisoner of war or missing in action by the US Armed Forces, or a civilian captured while serving with the approval or authorization of the US Government during wartime service.

3. North Carolina National Guard Association Scholarships: Active service troops, retired veterans and their wives, natural children, grandkids, and legal dependents on active duty, retired, and diseased members of the North Carolina National Guard are eligible to apply for scholarships from the North Carolina National Guard Association. These military spouse scholarships 2022 come in a variety of sums, are paid directly to the school, and are only given out once each year.

The North Carolina National Guard Association’s Education Office accepts applications online or at their office. On ncnga.org, you can download and complete an application.

Private/Civic Organization Grants

1. Hope for the Warriors: This is an actual military spouse scholarships for college for military spouses and family members. The Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship program honors and celebrates spouses/caregivers for their perseverance, devotion, and determination in the face of adversity. Scholarships help spouses/caregivers continue their education at a respectable, accredited university, college, or trade school as they play essential roles in their families’ financial well-being.

2. Military Spouse Fellowship Program for Financial Counseling: The 2010 Military Spouse Fellowship from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation provides spouses with the coaching those who need to receive the Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) placement, which provides them with sellable job skills and the understanding and techniques needed to help military families resolve financial difficulties.

3. Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program: This military spouse grants for college is available to spouses of members of the United States military (active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees, and survivors) who wish to pursue professional certification or further their education.

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4. University of Phoenix Scholarship: Veterans, active duty military members, reservists, guardsmen, and their families are eligible for a scholarship program offered by the University of Phoenix in collaboration with AMVETS. Fifty $7,000 grants are available to cover tuition at the University of Phoenix’s online or on-ground campuses. The funds can be used to cover the price of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

5. DeVry University Scholarship: Through AMVETS, DeVry University also provides a scholarship fund. The awards, which are worth up to $9,000 each and are available to veterans and their families, can also be used for undergraduate and graduate education at DeVry University or the Keller Graduate School of Management.

Veterans, any biological or formally adopted children, as well as the natural or formally adopted children of active military service members, such as those in the Guard and Reserves, are all eligible. Students currently registered at DeVry University or Keller Graduate School of Management, on the other hand, are not eligible.


If you are the spouse of a service member, you may be eligible for grants to help fund your college education. Military spouse grants are available from a variety of sources, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how to get military spouse grants for college. However, by understanding the basics of how military spouse grants work, you can put yourself in a position to take advantage of this valuable benefit.

Good luck with your applications!