Losing weight after 40 doesn’t have to be difficult with these tips

Losing weight after 40 can be quite the challenge

Everyone who has passed the big 40 will probably be familiar with this problem: unwanted weight gain. Everything starts to become a little softer and hang a little lower when you get older and you gain entire kilograms without knowing where they came from. If you are 40 plus and want to lose some weight, the tips we’ve got for you today might be able to help you out.

It can be difficult to lose weight after 40 but it doesn’t have to be impossible!


Clothes have suddenly become too small and unwanted rolls and ridges are appearing everywhere. For most people in their forties (or older) this is caused by a slowed-down metabolism and simply less exercise. For women, hormones are an additional culprit; the weight gain often starts in the years before the menopause. The fat/muscle ratio changes unfavourably and if you have fewer muscles you will also burn less fat. In other words: you end up in a kind of downward spiral.

Don’t give up

It’s a fact that it becomes harder to lose weight when we get older, but this doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel entirely! There are a few tips that might help you get rid of those unwanted pounds. We can’t guarantee instant success, but these tips are definitely worth a try.

Losing weight after 40

So, how can you make losing weight after 40 easier for yourself? These tips might help you out!

  • Stop crash dieting: Ultimately, crash dieting leads to more weight gain and this yo-yo effect is bad for your health. Healthy and safe weight loss is only achievable if you do it in a way that’s sustainable in the long run.
  • Work in small steps: When you suddenly drastically limit your food intake, your body will go into ‘survival mode’. This means that all the food you do consume will be stored as fat instead of it being burned as energy. If you want to lower your weekly calorie intake with 700 calories (which is about half a kilo in weight loss each week), it’s best to start with consuming 200 calories less and increase this until you’ve reached the goal of 700.
  • Develop some muscles: More muscles equals burning more fat, even in rest mode. Go visit a gym to work on strength training (or do this at home). Cardio is important as well, but strength training is more effective in the long run.
  • Drink green tea: Green tea will give your metabolism a boost and it functions as a natural fat burner. Plus, it will also help you keep your moisture levels balanced.

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