Looking For Best Travel Prepaid Cards Check These Out

Looking For Best Travel Prepaid Cards? Check These Out!

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Looking For Best Travel Prepaid Cards? Check These Out!

It might interest you to know that you should focus on how to keep yourself and your family on a budget while on travel. With the use of prepaid cards, you will be able to load money into your account and then make use of it when you travel abroad to spend and withdraw money as you desire. Since you preloaded it, it is very easy for you to stick your budget and control how you spend out.

This shows that if you are planning for a vacation, it is advisable for you to consider making use of prepaid card. You will easily be able to track your spending on your travel. It is true that people that usually plan to go abroad always think about the cost and money needed to complete the journey. It is on that note that this article reviews some of the best prepaid travel cards options you can find. There are many travel prepaid cards and it is important you know what suit your travel needs.

What is a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid card is mostly like the same as debit card only that it is not linked to any checking account. You can just choose any type of prepaid card that you want and then load it with cash. You can make use of it just like any other debit card or credit card. It is usually secured and protected by a signature against fraud. Prepaid cards are usually important for some conditions such as traveling and other large expenses.

Why do you need prepaid cards during traveling?

The importance of prepaid cards is numerous most especially during traveling because it will enable you to preload the card with cash and make use of it during your traveling expenses. You can use it to make purchase and even possible to shop online. This card will enable you to stick to your budget it is possible because you won’t be able to spend beyond what is loaded in the card. During traveling, your card might get lost and you don’t need to bother a lot since it is secured and only the amount loaded to the card will be there since you it doesn’t link your card to your checking account.

Best prepaid cards for travelers

For individuals:

Netspend Visa Prepaid Card: This is not the only option people can use for prepaid card traveling but it is unarguably one of the best prepaid cards. However, it usually comes up with a little fee and always advisable that you should use it for only a trip. This card offers four ways that can assist you load cash, direct deposit, mobile check load and other transactions. You can easily make use of this card to load cash anywhere you wish to go. You will also be able to make use of its mobile app that can assist you manage your money on a daily basis. The app comprises of the features you will be expecting from other banking apps which might include transaction information and enable you access your account online. You can also make use of budgeting tools in this app for effecting budget plan. The card also provides Payback Rewards which enable you to receive cash back on any purchase you made. It is possible to receive bonus when you refer friends to use this app. You will have a savings account with a healthy 5.00APY on any balance that is up to $1,000.


The cost to own this card and make use of it can be somehow difficult because it is a bit costly. It is free if you order it online and you will need to pay a certain fee if you wish to get one at any store. Most of the stores usually charge up to $3 just for the card and you can opt for monthly fee to use this which is usually around $9.95. There is no alternative to this fee but you can get it slashed to $5 per month. Other bogus fee on this card include $3.95 fee to reload your card at Netspend locations, a $2.50ATM cash withdrawal fee and a $5.95 fee if you don’t make use of the card for 90days.

In summary; there are four ways to load your card and you will have $10 buffer in case you overspend, also you will experience zero fraud liability and have virtual card numbers. However, this card is very expensive to get if you are unable to order it online. It is also attached with costly fees.

Best for traveling families:

FamZoo Prepaid MasterCard

When we talk about prepaid cards, FamZoo is a bit different to others because it is primarily designed towards educating kids on how to manage money effectively and help save time for busy families. It provides good opportunity for people that are willing to travel most especially with family. With FamZoo, parents can now control the accounts and the money rules within them. This is a good scope for you in a case whereby you wish to send your kids to go out for shopping while on vacation but willing to limit how much they spend. Another benefit of FamZoo prepaid card is that it offers Payment Checklist whereby parents can easily schedule tasks for kids to do in exchange of money and you can get your kids busy when you establish various Payment Checklists for them.


For the entire family, you can make monthly payment fee of $5.99 on FamZoo and if you choose to pay in advance, you can get up to a 58% discount which can make your fee to be as low as $2.50 per month. However, you don’t need to pay any amount for reload fees on this type of prepaid card and you will also not pay a purchase fee when using this card in US. In a situation whereby you use the card out of the country, you will need to pay up to 3% foreign transaction fee. Also, you don’t need to pay any fee for ATM withdrawals and there are no inactivity fees.

In summary; with FamZoo prepaid card, you will experience inexpensive prepaid card option and you will also have ability to add your family members. It is also loaded with features that other prepaid cards do not posses. However, this card can be become overly-complicated with so many features.



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