List of Jobs in Germany: Your Comprehensive Guide

I graduated from university in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and was immediately faced with a huge dilemma – unemployment. In the months after graduation, I struggled to get a job and had almost given up hope, when I finally came across a post containing a list of jobs in Germany.

 That website post proved to be the catalyst that changed everything, not so much for the life-enriching information it contained, but for the way I used it. 

list of jobs in Germany
list of jobs in Germany

The information at the time, a list of job vacancies in different fields of human endeavor cutting across different organizations in Germany, was a monumental game-changer for me as it proved pivotal to my journey to this point. So, if you reside in any part of the world and would like to work in Europe, then this information is for you. 

Finding a job abroad because of the rates of insufficient jobs in some European countries, despite my skill set, work experience, and educational level, I thought it would be a smooth ride for me to land my dream job. But all my efforts proved abortive.

However, my dream of securing a job became a reality when I eventually migrated to Germany a few months ago. I got a job at Multinational Frankfurt and this entirely changed my life.

It seems the reality is changing. Countries such as Germany are fast becoming hubs for lucrative jobs. So in this article, I have provided a list of jobs you can apply for in Germany alongside appropriate information that will guide you through. So before moving further, let us talk about the list of jobs in Germany, eligibility, and how to apply for each job in this article. 

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List of jobs in Germany

There are thousands of jobs available in Germany, and you may have a preference for each job of your choice. These jobs are open to international experienced professionals, skilled workers, students, and new graduates. The most interesting thing about the jobs in Germany is the providing tickets for international students to migrate and settle in the country with ease and convenience.

Germany provides jobs for both international applicants and foreigners. You may not be a German citizen and may wish to apply for jobs in Germany, then you must arm yourself with the necessary information about jobs in various fields in the country.

If you have skills, there are many companies, institutions, health, education, engineering, information technology, and aviation sectors that provide jobs for foreigners.

Here I will provide you with some jobs you can apply for as an international applicant and how to apply for various jobs that can be helpful for you to make a living in Germany.

Germany work visa insurance process  

As an international applicant who wants to work in Germany, you must obtain a German employment or working visa in order to legalize your stay in the country.

Requirement for securing a work visa in Germany

Before applying for any visa in Germany, it is important for you to understand the type of visa you want to apply for, either a working or employment visa. Legal requirements are key to obtaining an employment visa in the country and this includes: 

  • Applicant must have a valid national passport 
  • Applicant must have an application form for a residence permit
  • Applicant must not have any criminal records
  • Applicant must have proof of letter of job offer
  • Applicant must have travel health insurance for Germany 
  • Applicant must provide proof of German language  

Who can apply for a German work visa?

Anybody can apply for a German work visa all over the world. Exceptions are countries restricted from obtaining their visas. 

There are some countries that can obtain residence work permits without having a German visa. These are members of EU/EEA, among which are the United States of America, Australia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, and the Republic of Korea. The rest of the countries around the world require a working visa to enter Germany. 

How to apply for a German work visa 

If you thoroughly follow these simple tips, applying for a German work visa is easy. Firstly, the applicant needs to secure a job in Germany. 

  • The applicant needs to apply for a visa as long as he wants to stay in Germany to work 
  • Obtain relevant documents that would be useful for applying for the visa 
  • Book an appointment for a visa interview  
  • Pay the required amount for a German employment work visa
  • Show up for the interview 
  • Await for the response to your interview 
  • If your visa is legally acceptable and successful, you will be eligible to work in Germany

Where can you find jobs in Germany?

 In this post, we shall walk you through different sectors you can work in Germany in order to make a sustainable living 

1. Health jobs for international applicants in Germany: 

Health care is not only one of the most diverse sectors in Germany but also one of the highest-paid jobs in the country. This makes the country attractive to foreigners. The industry has spread across various sectors including public and private hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, and healthcare companies. 

There are boundless job opportunities in the health sector of Germany for foreigners. An applicant can apply for any vacancy in a German health institution if qualified for it. 

Among the popular medical institutions and centers looking for applicants all over the world are Sterling Media Corporation, Pre-clinical staffing, RBW Consulting Limited, Treatment Traveller, Biorasi, Hobson Prior International Limited, and Medical Corporation. Applicants can also utilize online job boards, professional networking platforms, and healthcare staffing agencies as a platform to source healthcare jobs 

Healthcare job application process in Germany

Getting healthcare jobs can be tedious. But it is not if you follow the simple steps. To secure your dream job in Germany, consider the following steps: 

Create a strong resume/CV

Having a rich CV would help you secure health jobs in Germany. Ensure you tailor your experience in line with the job you are applying for. This will give you a high chance above your competitors in search of a job. Your CV should include a professional summary, work experience, certifications, and educational background.  

Prepare for interviews for Healthcare jobs in Germany

Make sure you are fully prepared for the interview by researching to know more about the company. Practice your answers to some likely questions before the interview and prepare your questions to ask the interviewer. In the course of the interview, be bold, maintain good posture and eye contact with the interviewer, and then provide your skills and experience. 

Utilize healthcare staffing agencies 

Healthcare staffing agencies help in getting jobs in Germany. They have a connection with the employers to link qualified healthcare professionals. You can register with healthcare agencies that deal in healthcare jobs to increase your chances of landing a job that suits your career.  

Search online for job boards

Visit online job sites such as Monster and Xing. These are great platforms that make it easier for you to get healthcare jobs in Germany. You can also sign up for a job alert or insert a keyword like “ health care jobs in Germany “ to give you the exact jobs available for you. 

Use professional networking platforms 

You can build your professional profile by showcasing your skills and experience on social media. Make use of LinkedIn when looking for job opportunities. This will help connect you with healthcare professionals and employers in your field. To stay updated with the latest skilled job openings, visit here

2. Education Sector Jobs in Germany 

Education plays a significant role in our lives and influences our decision-making in terms of growth and development. Today, education serves as a guide for the social and economic prosperity of our nations. Germany is one of the leading countries with foreign students. This makes it easier to get teaching jobs there. Find below the details of the requirements to fulfill.

Job openings for professors in Germany 

In 2021, research showed that over 50,000 full-time professors were recruited into various Universities in Germany. As it happens in every part of the country around the world, a doctoral degree that is tailored to the relevant subject is compulsory for candidates who wish to apply. Moreover, 1-3 years of teaching experience is also required.   

Professors are paid handsomely in Germany, with €80k to €90k, on average, annually. Here are a few universities you can apply to:

  1. The Technical University of Munich
  2. Humboldt University of Berlin
  3. Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg.

Research Assistant Jobs in Germany

If you are willing to pursue a career in research, then Germany is the best place for you. Many universities are on the lookout for researchers, especially foreigners. If you secure a job as a researcher, you can get an opportunity to work in a German company.  

Research assistants earn €2k monthly depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. Here are the few top-rated universities in Germany that you can apply to:

  1. Freie Universität Berlin (The Free University of Berlin)
  2. Berlin Institute of Technology
  3. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

3. Hotel Industry Jobs in Germany

Hotels play a crucial role in the development of the country and Germany is not an exception. People across the world see hotels as tourist centers making huge investments in the sector, thereby boosting government revenue and improving economic growth and development. With a high rate of increase in tourists every year, Germany is poised to grow further in the industry in the future. According to research, 3% of travelers abroad would spend the night at a hotel around 2019. If you are willing to work in this sector, here is the list of jobs you can apply to.

Chef Jobs in Germany 

Working as a chef is easy. Only required skills as it doesn’t place much requirement on the certificate or educational level but only requires working experience. Candidates are required to understand German or English to communicate easily with people.

Head chefs working in Germany make 45k euros annually. This really depends on his expertise which makes the amount vary. If you are looking for a restaurant to work in, I would recommend Restaurant Tim Raue, Vendôme, and Restaurant Facil, Kin Dee.

Front Desk Assistant Jobs in Germany

The front desk is the first point of contact for a customer in any hotel. How the front desk assistant treats customers will leave a lasting impression on them and the hotel. Hence, as a prospective candidate for the position of front desk, you must be social enough to interact with customers. Good vibes and communication should be your best pursuit if you wish to function well in the role.

Good computer knowledge is an advantage for candidates. Front desk assistant gets up to €1500 as salary. Sky Kitchen and Tantris, Restaurant Atelier Gourmet are some of the top-rated hotels/ restaurants for you to work in and get handsome pay.

Dishwashers Jobs in Germany

Dishwashers are mostly underrated in the hospitality industry. They make everything look neat and tidy to appeal to customers. There are no educational requirements for this role. Dishwashers make around €13 per hour in Germany. Some notable restaurants that you can work at include Horváth and MontRaw, and Restaurant Marjellchen.

4#Banking jobs for international applicants in Germany:

There are various sectors in the banking industry in Germany that offer jobs to international applicants and pay them handsomely. Applicants can look forward to the following banks for job opportunities:

  1. Analyst Corporate Banking Barclays
  2. Deutsche Bank, DZ bank group
  3. Commerzbank Bank
  4. DKB – Deutsche Kredit Bank
  5. Kfw Bank Gruppe
  6. Ladens Bank -Baden Wurttemberg
  7. Hypovereins Bank and many more. 

HR Managers Jobs in Germany

If you have a degree in business administration, then you can apply for HR positions in various banking sectors in Germany.  Annually HR positions make at least 50k-70k euros in addition to bonuses in some companies. This is the list of banks you can apply at Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank Group, and Commerzbank.

Accountant jobs in germany: 

To start a career in accounting, a bachelor’s degree is required in accounting which is one of the most important criteria to land accounting jobs in Germany. As an accountant, you can make as low as 1000 euros monthly and as high as 4000 euros .

That is even dependent on the level at your workplace. You might be looking for where to work as an accountant and earn decent pay as mentioned above. Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Helaba and Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale are few of the places you can try.

Labour Sector Jobs in Germany

Some people work as laborers when they relocate to Germany. And it mostly happens to foreigners who come from underdeveloped countries with any skill set. 

Construction jobs in Germany

People who work as construction workers are high school graduates and are paid around 21 euros per hour. If you are willing to work as a construction worker, Zeppelin GmbH and MULTIMON Group, KG, Bagela Baumaschinen GmbH & Co are some of the best recommendations.

list of jobs in Germany
list of jobs in Germany

Start Applying for Jobs in Germany and German Work VISA

Read the guide on how to apply for jobs after you have successfully secured jobs, the next next next is to apply for a German work permit after which you can catch your flight and land in Germany. I wish you the best of luck 

Germany jobs: A sure path to progress

Germany is one of the most exciting places to live. People around the world live and work there. You can work there using English as a means of communication. No compulsion for competence in German languages. This does not affect your chances of securing a good job. 

So if you are considering getting a job in Germany, you can check out the latest jobs available here.

What jobs can a foreigner do in Germany?

You see, Germany is such an interesting place to live. This may be due to their rich social economic development and harmonious relationship with other countries around the world. Germany offers a home for immigrants coming to seek greener pastures in the country. This is obvious in its flexible immigration policies for many African countries. 

According to research, the jobs currently open to foreigners are estimated at 1.2 million. So if you are a foreigner aiming to work in Germany, here is a list of opportunities open for you. 

Top jobs in Germany for foreigners in areas of specialization

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Nursing

German jobs are the easiest you can get as a foreigner among other European countries. The reason is that you can work there even without understanding the German language. This may be due to a shortage of competent and qualified people in several important sectors. This and many other reasons make the country welcoming to people from other countries of the world.

Recent statistics show that more than four million Germans will retire from their jobs by 2025 due to age factors. This will create robust opportunities for both foreigners and people living abroad who wish to live and stay in Germany. 

What kind of jobs are popular in Germany? 

Germany offers bountiful opportunities for well-trained and skilled professionals in their labor market. As a result of this, many companies in Germany are on the lookout for the best hands in various fields such as engineering and medicine.

In fact, research has shown that between 2007-2017, the high rate of people gainfully employed in the country rose from 2.88 million to 32.6 million. 

Top ten most frequently sought jobs in Germany

  • Software developer and programmer
  • Electronics engineer, electrician
  • Healthcare worker and nurse
  • IT consultant, IT analyst
  • Economist, business administrator
  • Account manager, client consultant
  • Production assistant
  • Sales representative, sales assistant
  • Sales manager, product manager
  • Architect, structural engineer

Source: DEKRA Akademie 2018

Meanwhile, the German government has put in place a smooth immigration policy act and Skill Immigration Act that would enable foreign-qualified professionals in vocational training and people with exceptional talents to conveniently access jobs. With this, any qualified applicants from a foreign country have a good chances of getting well-paid jobs in the country. 

List of sectors and professionals offering qualified professionals the best prospects in Germany


Germany puts a higher priority on medical services than any other career, hence medical experts are in great demand. This is connected to shortfalls in the area. With that, there is a license for foreigners with master’s degrees in the medical field to practice in Germany.  The degree must be recognized and equivalent to a German medical degree qualification. EU Member states and Non-European countries are also eligible.  

Engineering professions 

Engineering professionals specialized in fields such as mechanical and automotive engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, computer science, and telecommunications have higher chances in Germany.

Applicants who graduated from the above areas and MINT – Mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, and technology – have excellent job opportunities in both private and other research institutes. Max Planck Society and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft also offer lucrative jobs

Qualified professionals 

Applicants with vocational skills have better chances of securing incredible job opportunities in Germany. The opportunities also extend to other non-European Union member states and foreigners, as long as they are qualified for the jobs and meet the necessary criteria to be chosen. 

Does Germany need workers? 

Of course, Germany is one of the leading European countries battling with a shortage of skilled workers making it the best place for immigrants to live and work. Robert Habeck, Vice-Chancellor of Germany and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, in a video message posted on YouTube aimed at international workers, said, “We need you”.

To address a shortage of skilled labor and be at the forefront of providing job opportunities as the largest economy in Europe, the German government has come up with a new policy that would enable skilled EU and non-EU immigrants to join the workforce.

 This is the right time for you to migrate to Germany, whether for your studies or professional career. 

What are the most stressful jobs in Germany?

The nature of jobs depends on the stress experienced. Both part-time and full-time jobs are relatively stressful in their own way. Some individuals can adapt to work stress for a longer period of time especially if they decide to work on their own and that doesn’t define what type of jobs he/she does. 

So if you want to enjoy stress-free stay in Germany, it is advisable to work together in a team to reduce workload.

12 Top highest paying jobs in Germany

Aside from the USA, China, and Japan. Germany is one of the leading countries in terms of economic growth and development. Businesses are thriving in the country through innovation and international exports.  Because of this booming economy, excellent infrastructure, and revenue, Germany is a good place for foreigners especially those looking for jobs  

Companies in Germany also offer perks and benefits to their employees, which make them the best and convenient place to live above other European countries around the world.

 In addition to the aforementioned, Germany also offers exciting employment opportunities to people around the world, which makes them popular around the European nations.

 The highest-paid jobs are in the medical, engineering, and financial fields. The following professionals enjoy in the country:

  • Doctor
  • Pilot
  • Sales Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Portfolio Manager
  • College Professor
  • Engineering
  • Software Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Judge
  • Tax Advisor


Understanding the actual jobs that align with your career is very important. And it is one of the basic requirements to land any job in Germany. Due to a lack of skills in the workforce, there is a high chance for well-trained professionals to get job opportunities across different fields of life. 

The current catastrophe facing Germany is aging and other external factors in their labor market. This has forced the central government to relax immigration policy on EU and non-EU nations and foreign countries across the globe. Do you want to take advantage of this? The best time is now! 


Is it very difficult to get a job in Germany?

It is not difficult to get jobs in Germany. The low unemployment rate makes it a good destination for job applicants.

Can I work in Germany without a degree? 

Aside from top professional jobs which require certificates like Medicine and Law. you can work in any field without a degree as long as you possess the right skills and knowledge.

How can I move to Germany without a job? 

You can move to Germany without getting a job at hand. And you can get a work visa through job offer or sponsorship to apply for a job visa.  So it is possible to move to Germany without a job but a visa is required. 

What is the lowest-paying job in Germany? 

According to research, the lowest-paying job in Germany is around 2,391 euros.

However, it is also possible that you have friends or family members who may be interested in exploring visa sponsorship opportunities. In that case, be sure to inform others of visa sponsorship opportunities that exist elsewhere, such as in the UK, Canada and Australia as well as US tailoring jobs with visa sponsorship and waiter jobs in USA with visa sponsorship.

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