Lifehack: Here is Why You Should Put a Potato in Your Shoe

It is a possible thing for you to put a potato in the shoe and feel more comfortable! It is such a bummer when you have bought a new pair of shoes and realize when you get home that they are a bit smaller than your size. Back in the store, you thought it was okay for you, but when you begin to wear them, your toes and heels begin to complain. Oh no! What now? It is a waste to just put those new shoes away, but being in pain while wearing them isn’t a great idea either. Fortunately, we are here with a solution. It implies that you can simply stretch your shoe using a potato.


Sadly, it happens a lot. In the store, you think the shoes fit you just fine, but when you get home and start wearing them, they begin to pinch quite a lot. Although the sales clerk confidently informed you the shoes will later stretch in little time, you will be in pain in the meantime and that is not what you want. Therefore, what is next to do? The usual options include taking the shoes to the shoemaker to have them stretched or by simply suppressing the pain and dealing with it. Meanwhile, you could also just get out two potatoes!


For you to stretch a shoe, you will need a combination of filling moisture. Some people choose to put wet newspapers in their shoes, but that doesn’t always work. A potato is much firmer, of course, and it will never dent when a shoe is very tight. In addition, several people will already own a bag of potatoes anyway. Therefore, why not consider using them for this purpose?

How to do it

Simply take two potatoes that will just fit in your shoe. This technique is meant to stretch the front of the shoe to provide your toe more space. Peel the potatoes and wrap each one in a paper towel or piece of newspaper. Push the potatoes into the shoes and let them stay there overnight. During the night, the potatoes will dry out and stretch your shoes. Aside from stretching your shoes, potatoes can also absorb nasty smells from the shoes. This technique works especially well with leather shoes. If you have shoes made out of fabric, it might be a bit more difficult. With fabric shoes, the smell and moisture from the potato might also be absorbed into the fabric, which isn’t what you want.

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