Lifehack: Five Surprising Ways to Use a Bobby Pin at Home

These hairpin tricks can come in handy! Is there someone in your house with long hair? Then there is a possibility a box of bobby pins lying around somewhere. It is actually handy, because you can do much more with a bobby pin that just keeps your locks in place. Have you ever thought of using bobby pins in these five ways?

For closing packages

In a situation whereby the plastic packages of rice, pasta and chips often stay open in your kitchen cupboard, then you can simply fix this problem with a bobby pin. Just roll up the top of the bag and slide the pin over the bag. This keeps your food airtight and fresher for longer.

As a bookmark

Is there no bookmark at hand while you are reading? Then get a pin and put it on the page where you left out. This process will help you save the right page for next time.

To loosen the end of a tape

Do you find it annoying when the end of a roll of adhesive tape pops back all the time and sticks to the roll? If you wish to avoid having to pry the tape off again and again, stick a bobby pin on the end once you get hold of it. It is immediately that you will find the beginning of the tape this way.

To empty tubes

Here is a handy trick for an almost empty tube of toothpaste or cream. Roll up the top of the tube and secure with a pin. The remaining contents are pushed in the tube towards the cap, and you can easily use up the leftovers.

When driving a nail

A hairpin even comes in handy when doing odd jobs. Simply place a bobby pin around a nail to hold it in place while you hammer. In this way, you won’t hit the nail crooked, and you will limit the chance that your thumb will accidentally end up under the hammer.

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