Library Science Grants for Innovation and Progress 2024.

Find out a wealth of resources and funding opportunities in the dynamic field of library science grants. From pioneering research to community-driven initiatives, discover how these grants are shaping the future of libraries worldwide.

Numerous students are drawn to library science degrees due to the myriad opportunities they present. In today’s information-driven society, the need for professionals adept at navigating and managing information systems is paramount.

Fortunately, a plethora of grants and scholarships are now accessible to students pursuing library science degrees. These grants, offered by private entities and businesses, serve as invaluable resources for students currently enrolled or contemplating programs in this field. By applying for eligible grants, students can alleviate the financial strain of tuition, facilitating the completion of their studies in colleges and universities each year.

Library Science Grants
Library Science Grants

Library Science Grants

The American Library Association (ALA) Scholarship Program

The American Library Association (ALA) extends a range of scholarships to students pursuing their master’s degrees in library science. These scholarships encompass both general awards and specialized scholarships tailored to specific areas of study. Moreover, the ALA actively encourages minority students to apply for scholarships under its diversity initiatives.

To explore the various scholarships and grants available, visit the ALA Scholarship section on the ALA website. Please note that eligibility for these awards requires attendance or planned enrollment in an ALA-approved program.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

Complete an online application, accompanied by a personal statement.

Ensure availability of three professors or employers willing to submit the required online reference form.

Arrange for official transcripts from the institution granting your bachelor’s degree, as well as from any other colleges or universities attended.

Applications typically have a deadline of March 1st.

Successful scholarship recipients will receive notification via phone call after June 1st, while other applicants will receive email notifications after July 1st.

Coalition For Networked Information (CNI) Paul Evan Peters Fellowship

Named in honor of CNI founder Paul Evan Peters, these fellowships aim to recognize candidates who exemplify Peters’ spirit and dedication. Awarded biennially, the fellowship offers $5,000 per year for two consecutive years of study in a master’s program in library sciences, information sciences, or a closely related field. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to leveraging advanced technology in the realm of information sciences.

The Paul Evan Peters Fellowship stands as a prestigious accolade, acknowledging the exceptional promise and commitment of emerging professionals in this domain.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

1. To apply for this fellowship, please note that you must be a US Citizen or permanent resident.

2. Applicants must have been accepted into a master’s program in this field or must already be enrolled in a master’s program at the time of application.

Council of Library and Information Resources (CLIR) A.R. Zipf Fellowship

This fellowship targets students in the initial stages of their graduate studies, with a specific focus on utilizing technology to bolster information systems. Awarded annually, detailed application guidelines are available on the CLIR website.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

1. Eligibility requires US Citizenship or permanent residency.

2. Complete the online application form.

3. Submit four recommendation letters.

4. Provide official academic transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended.

5. If applicable, include Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.

6. Applications typically close at the end of March.

7. The recipient of this fellowship will be notified in late May.

The Library of Congress (LOC) Fellowship Programs

The Library of Congress provides a range of fellowship and internship opportunities tailored to eligible students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. For those seeking career advancement, engaging in a post-doctoral fellowship with the LOC can serve as a significant milestone.

Given the multitude of fellowship programs available, coupled with the continual introduction of new initiatives, it is impractical to present a comprehensive list on this platform. We recommend referring to the LOC website for an exhaustive compilation of fellowship opportunities and instructions on applying for program participation.

The Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) Scholarships

LITA, a division of the American Library Association (ALA), specializes in the integration of advanced technology systems and applications within libraries. Each year, they extend multiple scholarships to deserving students, including a general scholarship and two scholarships specifically designated for minority students. It’s important to adhere to the ALA Scholarship Program application requirements to be eligible for these awards.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

1. Complete an online application, which includes a personal statement.

2. Ensure you have three professors or employers willing to complete the required online reference form.

3. Arrange for official transcripts to be sent from the institution that conferred your bachelor’s degree, as well as from any other colleges or universities attended.

4. Generally, applications must be submitted by March 1st.

5. Recipients of these awards will be notified via phone call after June 1st. Other applicants will receive notification via email after July 1st.

The Society of American Archivists (SAA) F. Gerald Ham Scholarship

One of the three scholarships provided by the SAA is the F. Gerald Ham Scholarship, available to eligible graduate students in library sciences. Annually, two scholarships are granted to second-year graduate students in this field who exhibit outstanding academic achievement and a strong commitment to library sciences.

Application Requirements & Deadlines:

1. Applicants must be US Citizens or permanent residents.

2. The application packet must include a cover letter and personal statement.

3. Official transcripts from the most recent academic program attended must be submitted.

4. The application deadline is February 28th each year.

5. Recipients will be notified of their awards on or around April 15th.

American Association Of Law Libraries (AALL)

The AALL provides a range of funding opportunities tailored to professionals in the library sciences field. Although there are no specific grant programs designated for university students at present, the AALL does offer research grants that students can utilize for post-graduate and doctoral research endeavors. Such research endeavors are integral to the higher education journey but often come with substantial costs.

The AALL Research Fund extends annual opportunities to scholars. Grant recipients are expected to complete their proposed research within a year of receiving the AALL award.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

1. Complete a project proposal and grant application form.

2. Consider having a mentor in the field or your faculty advisor participate as a partner in your research.

3. The deadline for this grant typically falls in late March each year. Please refer to the AALL Research Fund website for current information.

The American Indian Library Association (AILA) Library School Scholarship

The AILA Library School Scholarship is an annual award presented to one American Indian student admitted to a graduate program accredited by the American Library Association. This scholarship offers a valuable opportunity for Native American students pursuing education in library sciences.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

1. Applicants must be members of a federally recognized tribe or possess a valid tribal identification card.

2. Demonstrated commitment to American Indian communities and initiatives is required.

3. Complete the application form, including a copy of valid tribal identification.

4. Provide two letters of reference.

5. Submit a resume and concise personal statement.

6. All applications must be received by May 2nd.

7. Recipients will be announced at the AILA’s annual business meeting.

Library Science Grants
Library Science Grants

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The Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) Scholarship

The AJL Scholarship is bestowed annually upon a student enrolled in or accepted to a graduate program specializing in library science, with a focus on Judaica Librarianship. Candidates must exhibit a steadfast dedication to advancing this field. It’s important to note that the AJL Scholarship is exclusively awarded to students enrolled in ALA-approved programs.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

1. Applicants must provide either a letter of acceptance from a graduate program or proof of continued enrollment in their current graduate program.

2. Submission of evidence demonstrating prior work experience in a Judaic library or similar institution, along with a commitment to future endeavors in this field, is required.

3. Complete the application form and furnish a concise personal statement.

4. Applications must be submitted by April 1st annually.

Association of Research Libraries Initiative To Recruit A Diverse Workforce (ARL IRDW)

These awards offer financial assistance to minority students pursuing their master’s degree in an accredited program. Stipends of up to $10,000 are available and can be combined with other forms of financial aid to support ongoing studies.

In addition to financial support, each participant in this program is paired with a professional mentor by the ARL. The package also includes a three-day summit and visits to the Purdue University Library System.

For details on ARL awards, visit their website. These awards not only provide valuable financial aid but also offer exceptional networking and professional development opportunities.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

1. Complete an online applicant summary sheet.

2. Upload a resume and a concise personal statement through the online applicant system.

3. Send two letters of reference directly to the ARL.

4. Submit official transcripts from your undergraduate institution. If currently enrolled in a graduate program, include your current graduate school transcript.

5. Provide a copy of the acceptance letter from your MLS program to the ARL.

6. The application deadline is typically June 1st.

7. All applicants are notified of their status via email after July 15th.

The Chinese American Library Association (CALA) Scholarships

Every year, CALA offers multiple scholarships to eligible students pursuing advanced degrees in library sciences. These scholarships are specifically earmarked for full-time students of Chinese heritage who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the field of library sciences.

Application Requirements & Deadline:

1. Applicants must be of Chinese descent and either accepted to or enrolled in an ALA-accredited master’s program.

2. Submission of a CV and a personal statement is required.

3. Provide an official transcript from your current or most recent academic institution.

4. Arrange for three references to submit letters through an online system.

5. Applications are typically due at the end of March.

6. Recipients will be notified of their awards towards the end of May.

Library Science Grants
Library Science Grants

Conclusion on Library Science Grants

Scholarships and grants in the field of library science provide invaluable support to students pursuing advanced degrees and conducting research in various specialized areas. From opportunities offered by organizations like the ALA, ARL, AILA, and CALA to specific fellowships focusing on Judaica Librarianship and other niche fields, these programs not only alleviate financial burdens but also foster professional development and networking opportunities.

With diverse eligibility criteria and application requirements, prospective applicants should thoroughly research each opportunity and ensure they meet all necessary qualifications. Ultimately, these scholarships and grants play a crucial role in advancing the knowledge and expertise of individuals dedicated to shaping the future of libraries and information sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are library science grants?

Library science grants are financial awards provided to individuals pursuing education or conducting research in the field of library and information science. These grants may cover tuition expenses, research expenses, or living expenses during the course of study.

2. Who offers library science grants?

Library science grants are offered by various organizations, including professional associations like the American Library Association (ALA), foundations, government agencies, and private institutions.

3. How can I find library science grants to apply for?

You can find library science grants by researching online databases, visiting the websites of relevant organizations like the ALA or ARL, subscribing to newsletters or mailing lists of grant-making bodies, and networking with professionals in the field who may be aware of available opportunities.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for library science grants?

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the specific grant, but common requirements may include enrollment in an accredited library science program, academic achievement, demonstrated financial need, and alignment with the grant’s focus area or research topic.

5. How do I apply for library science grants?

To apply for library science grants, you typically need to complete an application form, provide required documentation such as transcripts and letters of recommendation, and submit any additional materials requested by the grant-making organization. Be sure to carefully review the application guidelines and deadlines for each grant.

6. When are library science grants awarded?

The timing of library science grant awards varies depending on the grant program. Some grants may have specific application cycles with deadlines for submission, while others may be awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applicants are usually notified of the outcome of their application within a few months after the application deadline.

7. What can library science grants be used for?

Library science grants can typically be used to cover expenses related to education, research, professional development, or projects that contribute to the advancement of the library and information science field. This may include tuition, research materials, conference attendance, or travel expenses.


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