Know the 6 habits making your brain age faster today


Naturally, the body ages with the brain. It declines and even may develop disorders as one progresses with time and grow older.

The brain needs as much care, if not much, as any other parts of the body. It feels sickness and weariness when not taken care of like any part of the body.

As one ages, Communication grows weaker and flow of blood to the brain gets reduced. Inflammation easily arises which contributes largely to brain decline.

However, there are identified things we do to speed up this dreaded aging process unknowingly. In fact, certain unhealthy actions causes much early decline of the brain, which are important we know, to be cautious about them.

Here are some of them below;

  1. SMOKING: Smoking is certainly a bad habits for several reasons, but the chief of them is the great risk it possess to the brain. It bolsters the chances of brains having Alzheimer’s disease.

Aside the great hazards it does to the lungs and skin, several scientific findings established that smoking may be aiding brain decline faster than expected.

  1. INADEQUATE SLEEP: To have a good health, there’s a stipulated time for sleep and rest. It’s established that the body needs 7-9 hours of sleep daily to regain energy and maintain strength. Consistent deprivations of this, is a disservice to the mental health.

It’s badder especially at old age. Research upholds that those who have less sleep as higher chances of experiencing brain decline faster. You might just start resting the bones as a senior citizen.

  1. HEAVY DRINKING: If you are an old heavy drinker- or even a young drinking champion- you carry risk of damaging what we called hippocampus in the brain.

It’s a part of the brain working to aid learning and bolstering acquisition of knowledge or skills easily.


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When you consume alcohol unhealthily it reduces the production of this nerve cells in the region.

It didn’t mean you can’t drown a food with a cup or share drinks with friends in celebration, but, drinking heavily on daily basis exposes your brain to suffer memory loss and have problems picking new skills.

  1. LIVING A SEDENTARY LIFE: If all you do is sitting whether at work or home without no physical input, the sedentary lifestyle increases your chances of developing dementia faster in your old age.

The importance of exercise to the body cannot be overstated, not any less to the brain.

Those with high fitness levels to develop dementia, it would be much more later, minimally.
Keeping exercise makes the brain feel used and alert for mental purposes. Get running your body today!

  1. LIVING IN SECLUSION: Staying away from people as an oldie only makes the memories fade away. Not going out, visiting places or attending functions do not affords the brains the needed opportunities to unnerve and shed stress.

It’s advisable for the senior citizens to follow an itemized activities which may include;
Meeting new/old friends
Attending functions
Sporting events
Or indulging in favourite bobbies.

Avoiding others and living in seclusion is a renowned bad habits that makes the brain age much faster.

  1. NOT EXERCISING THE BRAIN: Surprised? There’s no excuse to leave the brain unengaged and dormant because of clocking a certain advanced age. It’s an unhealthy practice in the long run. Doing so saps the brain of the ability to think and analyse. Without regular mental engagement, the brain relaxes and is placed to potentially decline which paves way for dementia.

Unwinding with little mental task or activities like playing Chess, Sudoku, Puzzles, Cards and other games aid mental alertness and helps the brain fight dementia greatly.

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