Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants Guide 2024.

Discover the key to your first home in Kentucky with our comprehensive guide on Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants. Navigate the landscape of grants, incentives, and programs tailored to empower Kentucky residents in their journey towards homeownership.

With a cost of living well below the national average and housing expenses even more affordable, Kentucky offers an enticing option for settling down.

Home to the renowned Kentucky Derby, the state boasts a robust economy driven by industries such as shipping, automotive manufacturing, healthcare, and the iconic bourbon distilling sector.

Whether you’re eyeing the urban hubs of Louisville or Lexington, the charming towns of Berea or Bardstown, or even the state capital of Frankfort, the Kentucky Housing Corporation stands ready to assist. Committed to advancing affordable housing opportunities, the organization extends support to both first-time and repeat homebuyers throughout the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants refers to financial assistance programs aimed at helping individuals or families in Kentucky who are purchasing a home for the first time. These grants can come from various sources, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, or private entities.

They typically offer funds that can be used towards the down payment, closing costs, or other expenses associated with buying a home. These grants are designed to make homeownership more accessible and affordable for first-time buyers in Kentucky, thereby promoting community stability and economic growth.

Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants
Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants

Kentucky first-time homebuyer programs

KHC Conventional Preferred

The Kentucky Housing Corporation’s (KHC) Conventional Preferred program offers a 30-year mortgage with a fixed interest rate, providing flexibility for both first-time and repeat homebuyers. There’s no minimum borrower contribution required, and reserves are not necessary for eligibility. While mortgage insurance is mandatory, it’s available at a reduced rate, easing monthly payments. Additionally, some lenders may mandate a pre-closing education course.

Borrower Requirements:

– Minimum 660 credit score

– 3 percent down payment (down payment assistance available)

– Maximum 40 percent to 50 percent debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, depending on loan type

– Household income must not exceed 80 percent of the area median income (AMI)

Property Requirements:

– Eligible properties include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, or manufactured homes (must adhere to agency guidelines and be on a permanent foundation); duplexes are not eligible

– Property must be located in Kentucky

– Property must serve as the primary residence

– Property purchase price must not exceed KHC’s limit of $481,176

The KHC Conventional Preferred Plus 80

The KHC Conventional Preferred Plus 80 program also presents a 30-year mortgage option with a fixed interest rate, requiring standard mortgage insurance coverage. Similar to the Conventional Preferred program, eligibility extends to both first-time and repeat buyers.

The program maintains identical down payment, credit score, and debt-to-income ratio requirements as the Conventional Preferred program, along with a maximum purchase price of $481,176. However, county income limits vary, ranging from $143,500 to $181,300 (based on 2023 figures, the most recent at the time of this writing), applicable to the applicant alone, rather than the entire household.

Kentucky Down Payment Assistance

KHC Regular DAP

The Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) extends down payment assistance to borrowers through the Regular Down Payment Assistance Program (DAP), offering a loan of up to $10,000 repayable over 10 years at a 3.75 percent interest rate.

This program is accessible to all KHC first mortgage borrowers using a unified application process. While first-time homebuyer status is welcomed, it’s not obligatory. Home purchase price is capped at $481,176, but there’s no restriction on cash reserves, and liquid assets aren’t factored into eligibility assessments.

Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants
Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants

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Other Kentucky Homebuyer Assistance Programs

Home Buyer Tax Credit

Kentucky offers a Home Buyer Tax Credit aimed at first-time homebuyers, providing a federal tax credit of up to 20 percent of annual mortgage interest, capped at $2,000 per year. This credit, referred to as a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC), serves to enhance affordability in homeownership. To qualify, the home’s purchase price must not exceed the limit of $481,176​, with income limits determined by county and household size.

Louisville Down Payment Assistance Program

The city of Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city, offers a forgivable loan to assist both first-time and repeat homebuyers with their down payments. The amount of assistance provided varies based on individual circumstances and can be forgiven over a period ranging from five to 15 years, contingent upon remaining in the home for that duration.

To qualify for assistance, you must purchase a home in the Louisville metro area and have a household income at or below 80 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI), ranging from $50,250 for a one-person household to $83,250 for a six-person household. Additionally, you need to have $1,500 in savings and complete a homebuyer education course.

Purchase price limits are also in place, determined by the home’s size and whether it is new or preowned. The limit for an existing single-family home is $235,000, while for a new single-family home, it’s $315,000.

Other Kentucky First-Time Homebuyer Loans

Kentuckians have access to various loans designed for first-time homebuyers on a national level. Here are some options to consider:

1. FHA Loans: Insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), these loans offer more lenient financial requirements. You can secure an FHA loan with a down payment as low as 3.5 percent and a credit score as low as 580.

2. VA Loans: Ideal for active-duty military personnel, veterans, and surviving spouses, VA loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. They typically feature lower interest rates and do not require a down payment.

3. USDA Loans: Guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, USDA loans do not necessitate a down payment. However, you must purchase a home in a designated rural area and meet specific area-based criteria.

4. HomeReady and Home Possible Loans: These loan programs, established by government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, cater specifically to first-time homebuyers. Requiring only a 3 percent down payment, they offer more flexible income requirements.

Homebuyers have the opportunity to secure an FHA, VA, or USDA loan with assistance from KHC, which also makes them eligible for down payment assistance. These loan options typically feature low or no down payment requirements, making them particularly advantageous for first-time homebuyers.

VA loans are exclusively accessible to military members and veterans, while USDA loans are designated for properties in specific rural areas. FHA loans, on the other hand, are widely available. When obtaining one of these loans through KHC, a minimum credit score of 620 is required.

Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants
Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants

Conclusion on Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants

Kentucky offers a variety of options and assistance programs to support first-time homebuyers in their journey towards homeownership. From loans insured by the FHA, VA, and USDA to specialized programs offered by the Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), aspiring homeowners have access to resources that can help make their dreams a reality.

Whether it’s down payment assistance, flexible credit requirements, or favorable terms, these initiatives aim to empower individuals and families to find affordable and sustainable housing solutions. With the right support and guidance, navigating the path to homeownership in Kentucky becomes more accessible and achievable for everyone.

Frequently asked questions on Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Grants

What is the Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC)?

The Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) is a state agency dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions for Kentuckians. It offers various programs and initiatives, including loans, down payment assistance, and homebuyer education.

Who is eligible for KHC programs?

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the specific program, but generally, KHC programs are available to first-time homebuyers as well as repeat buyers. Income limits, credit score requirements, and property purchase price limits may apply.

What types of loans does KHC offer?

KHC offers loans in partnership with federal agencies such as the FHA, VA, and USDA, as well as its own loan programs. These loans often feature low down payment requirements and competitive interest rates.

How can I apply for KHC assistance?

To apply for KHC assistance, you typically need to work with an approved lender who is familiar with KHC programs. The lender can help you determine your eligibility and guide you through the application process.

Are there educational requirements for KHC programs?

Some KHC programs may require borrowers to complete a homebuyer education course before closing. This course provides valuable information on the homebuying process, financial management, and homeownership responsibilities.

Can KHC assistance be combined with other programs?

In some cases, KHC assistance can be combined with other local, state, or federal programs to provide additional support for homebuyers. It’s important to consult with your lender to explore all available options.

How can I learn more about KHC programs?

You can visit the Kentucky Housing Corporation website or contact them directly for more information about their programs, eligibility requirements, and application process. Additionally, speaking with an approved lender who works with KHC can provide valuable guidance and assistance.


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