JPTS School Fees for 2023/2024 Session

The most recent Joint Professionals Training and Support (JPTS) tuition rates for all of the university’s courses are shown on this page. JPTS school fees are reasonably affordable and cost-effective. However, it would be best to find out how much their semester’s worth of school fees is. This would enable you to make better plans ahead.

JPTS school fees

Remember that the JPTS school fees could change. The most recent school fees will be posted on this page. Some departments have special privileges, such as receiving discounts.

Each department’s JPTS school fees are different. In other words, JPTS school fees vary depending on the department.

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JPTS School Fees for All Courses

Oil and Gas

S/N Courses Fees Discount
1 Refinery Operations and Management 55,000 N/A
2 Drilling and Offshore Operations Certification 55,000 N/A
3 Petroleum Product Marketing 15,000 N/A
4 Oil and Gas Specialist Course 15,000 N/A
5 Pipeline & Petroleum Logistics 25,000 N/A
6 Shipping and Petroleum Management 35,000 N/A
7 Deport and Terminal Managers Course 55,000 N/A

Engineering and Technical

S/N Courses Fees Discount
1 Maintenance & Corrosion Technology Course 30,000 N/A
2 Facility Management and Maintenance Certificate 30,000 N/A
3 Electrical Installation and Industrial Wiring 160,000 N/A
4 Pipeline & Vessel Welding 160,000 N/A
5 Auto Mechatronics Engineering 160,000 N/A
6 HVAC 160,000 N/A
7 Crane Operations & Maintenance 160,000 N/A
8 Forklift Operations 60,000 25,000
9 Industrial Plumbing & Pipe Fittings 160,000 N/A
10 Industrial Scaffolding 160,000 N/A
11 Building Technology 160,000 N/A
12 Instrumentation and Control Certification 160,000 N/A

JPTS school fees

Safety and Environment

S/N Course Fees Discount
1 Onshore Offshore HSE (Level II) Certification 15,000 10,000
2 HSE (Level II) Supervision Certification 21,000 11,000
3 Corporate Safety Certification 25,000 N/A
4 EIA/EMS (ISO 14001) 15,000 N/A
5 Advanced Safety Managers Certification 21,000 N/A
6 Environment Toxicology 20,000 15,000
7 Fire Safety Course 10,000 N/A
8 Emergency Management & Confined Space Entry 10,000 N/A
9 Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training 200,000 N/A
10 STWC 98 (Maritime Mandatory) 105,000 N/A
11 Certified Security Officers Course 35,000 N/A
12 Port Facility Security Officers Course (PFSO) 45,000 N/A
13 Aviation Safety Course 25,000 N/A
14 Food Safety Course 25,000 N/A
15 HACCP, HAZOP & Process Safety Course 35,000 N/A
16 RIG Safety & RIG Pass 30,000 N/A
17 Helicopter Underwater Escape Training 180,000 N/A
18 First Aid & CPR Certification 10,000 N/A
19 Basic Paramedics & AED 35,000 N/A
20 Swim Test I.D 15,000 10,000
21 Certified Risk Assessor Certification 20,000 N/A
22 NEBOSH IGC 26,000 N/A

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ICT and Software

S/N Courses Fees Discount
1 Oil and Gas Soft Skills (HYSIS & PDMS) 120,000 95,000
2 Reservoir Simulation (ECLIPSE, PETRA) 100,000 95,000
3 Cloud Technology 90,000 N/A
4 Certified Information Security Professionals Certification 90,000 N/A
5 Information Technology Management Certification 90,000 N/A
6 Network Engineer Certification 90,000 N/A
7 Software Development Programme 90,000 N/A
8 System Analyst Certification 90,000 N/A


S/N Courses Fees Discount
1 Project Management 25,000 10,000
2 Conflict Management and Peace Resolution 25,000 N/A
3 Certified System Auditors Certification 50,000 N/A
4 Quality Assurance and Control 25,000 15,000
5 Management Information System 25,000 15,000
6 Human Resources Managers Certification 25,000 15,000
7 Forensic Accounting Certification 35,000 N/A
8 International Negotiation Certification 20,000 N/A
9 Change Management 20,000 N/A
10 Customer Care Professionals Certification 20,000 10,000
11 Transport and Logistics Chain Management 25,000 N/A
12 Certified Public Relations Certification 180,000 N/A
13 IFRS Certification 55,000 N/A

We hope that we are able to provide an answer to all your inquiries. However, these are all we can learn about JPTS school fees. If you have other questions you need an answer to about JPTS University, kindly drop them in the comment section; we try our best to provide you with a reply.


How much are the school fees for Nursing in JPTS?

To ascertain the JPTS school fees for nursing students, a prospective candidate should email the Bursary department at JPTS University home page.

Can I get a job in Nigeria with a JPTS certificate?

Passing through the NUC accreditation, the JPTS University certificate also offers the same value other universities in Nigeria can offer, such as providing jobs within and outside Nigeria and holding a high political and social position there.



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