Top Guide on Jobs in Perth, Australia, in 2023

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Are you considering jobs in Perth so you can work abroad in Australia? The only place you need to look is Perth, the sunniest capital in the world, which also happens to have some beautiful beaches.

Despite its isolation and sparse population, Perth is surprisingly rich in recreational opportunities. The city of Perth has evolved into a vibrant destination with numerous exciting cultural activities and tourist attractions.

For those who would like to work in Western Australia, namely in the city of Perth, where there is always a demand for skilled labour, many internet resources are available to assist in the job search process.

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Jobs in Perth, Australia: How to Look for Jobs

Once you’ve determined that you need your skillset in the Perth metro region and meet the requirements to work in Western Australia, you can begin your job search.

Before travelling to Australia, networking with others in your field will significantly increase your success.

The official occupation profiles in Western Australia feature prominent organizations and associations.

Using online job boards and the classified sections of major newspapers is one of the more conventional ways to hunt for work today. Another option is to become a part of a professional organization.

If you’re looking for work in Perth, make sure to peruse the following periodicals and online resources:

  • Mining News (features professional placements and upcoming industry events)
  • The Australian
  • The West Australian

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Jobs in Perth, Australia: Top job sites


Adzuna is a global employment board, and the Australian edition will help you reach a wider audience in that country. Your job ads will get seen by job-seekers no matter where they are or what device they use to search for work, thanks to the website’s partnership with newspapers.


CareerOne is Monster’s Australian partner and is popular among job searchers since it provides access to Monster’s extensive job listings, career advice, and resume critique services. By purchasing one of three ad packages, you can announce open positions or commission a one-of-a-kind response. Moreover, you can search the website’s resume database for qualified individuals.


CareerJet is an international job search engine that serves customers in 94 countries, including Australia. Posting targeted adverts make it possible to find skilled workers with certain qualifications. You may also index your posted jobs on your Careerjet profile’s careers page.


The massive online classifieds portal Gumtree’s Australian page is a great place to find or post a job. Companies in the hospitality, service, manufacturing and building sectors all use the site heavily.

Indeed Australia

Over 10 million people a month use Indeed Australia to look for work, the popular job search engine claims. You can either publish your job openings for free or pay for promoted postings on Indeed and actively search for candidates in their resume database.

jobactive powered by JobSearch.

To increase employment opportunities, the Australian government launched this platform. You can publicize your available positions without spending a dime.

If you have specific hiring needs or are looking to increase diversity in the workplace, you can connect with employment service providers through the website. They will suggest qualified persons for the open positions (like remote candidates or people with disabilities).


As one of the most well-known regional job boards Seek is the place to go for Australian recruitment. Seek allows employers to advertise open positions and then search a big database of potential employees for those whose qualifications match those positions.

Users of Seek can also peruse employee recommendations on the platform’s corporate review board to see whether or not they are a good fit for an open position. By taking this step, you’ll improve your chances of obtaining applications from people who are already familiar with your company and culture.

Quicken the recruiting process by learning how to link your existing Seek account with Workable.

Jobs in Perth, Australia

Agriculture, which has benefited from Western Australia’s huge geographical area, is Perth’s primary economic driver. Western Australia has shipped out about $4 billion of wheat in the past few years.

Western Australia’s agricultural sector is, without a question, massive, and it will continue to be a great destination for international workers to find employment with the government’s support. Perth, and other major Australian towns, are home to specialized recruitment agencies whose sole focus is finding people to work in rural farming.

The service industry is the main employer in Perth, accounting for more than two-thirds of the working population. The service industry in Perth covers a wide range of businesses, from retail and real estate to tourism and hospitality to health and community services.

Perth is a great place to look if you’re looking for less committed work, such as service occupations. The hospitality industry, which includes jobs in tourist hotspots, including aquariums, zoos, parks, museums, and more, is a sizable part of the economy.

In-demand Jobs in Perth, Australia


Due to the dynamic nature of the engineering industry, Perth is a popular destination for anyone seeking a career in the field. The city boasts the largest concentration of engineers in the world, with 22 engineers for every 1000 people living there. Mechanical, chemical, civil, mining, structural, and software engineering are just a few of the options open to you as a student of the field of engineering.

Engineers can find work in various industries thanks to their inclusion on the WA Skilled Migrant Occupation List. Perth’s mining, energy, and resources sectors are major employers of the city’s engineering school grads. Engineers frequently work FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) shifts in outlying areas of Western Australia.

Information Technology Specialist 

Information technology (IT) is now crucial to the day-to-day operations of nearly every industry in the economy. An IT expert oversees and maintains a company’s files, servers, websites, software, and network security.

The same duties may look different depending on the employment and the sector. Many people who work in IT choose to focus their careers on one subfield, such as cybersecurity or programming.


You should visit an audiologist if you have trouble hearing or maintaining your balance. Audiologists typically work in clinics treating ear, nose, and throat disorders. According to the Western Australian Skilled Migrant Occupation List, audiologists are among the most in-demand migrant occupations.

Undergraduate degrees in physiology, biomedical science, or human biology are common among first-year audiology students.


There is a high demand for qualified and vocational educators all around Perth and rural Western Australia. According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Western Australian teachers is above the age of 60 and approaching retirement.

As a result, this implies an increase in demand for Employing specialized personnel, allowing a business to focus on its core competencies. At the same time, finance professionals handle such tasks as bookkeeping, tax preparation, project funding, inventory management, KPI reports, spending, and internal audits.

Businesses can employ individuals to handle their bookkeeping, tax filings, project finance, inventory management, key performance indicator (KPI) reports, expenditures, and internal audits. Accountants are in high demand since their services are indispensable to every company.

Technician for Autonomous Systems

Systems and methods for automating processes rapidly alter the mining, energy, and resource industries. Offices in Perth’s central business district are used to manage many of the state’s major mining projects instead of keeping the necessary machinery and workers on-site. This trend can be attributed to an increase in the demand for personnel with the technical expertise to operate and manage automation technology systems.

Midwife and nurse

Nursing and midwifery are both essential parts of the healthcare system. No of any setting (hospital, clinic, classroom, or community centre), a nurse’s primary duty is to aid and care for patients in need. A midwife is a healthcare professional who specializes in assisting pregnant women and new mothers. WA has included nursing and midwifery on its Skilled Migration Occupation List because of the global demand for these services.


A CPA’s remit extends to auditing personal and business financial records. Working for an accounting firm, many accountants provide clients with financial advice. A company may use an outside party to handle its bookkeeping, tax filing, project finance, inventory management, key performance indicator (KPI) reports, spending, and internal audits. Accountants are in high demand since their services are indispensable to every company.

Support Worker for the Elderly and Disabled

There will soon be a critical shortage of caretakers for the elderly in Australia. Support workers in the fields of geriatric care and disability aid provide essential services to persons who are unable to do it for themselves.

Assistance with daily activities such as getting ready for the day, bathing, taking medications, going out, and enjoying leisure time may be required, depending on the patient’s condition. Your workplaces could be anything from a hospital to an assisted living facility to a private residence. Individuals working as caregivers for the elderly and those with disabilities are often required to have formal education and/or certification.

Jobs in Perth, Australia: Salary

The average yearly pay for a full-time worker in Perth is $75,000. The cost of rent, utilities, transportation, food, etc., may quickly add up, which is why it’s important to plan ahead.

Most things will still be accessible even in far-flung Perth, Australia. Many products, however, will have their prices increased to account for the higher delivery costs. Curiously, the biggest number of self-made millionaires may be found in Perth. If you find employment in Perth and can afford a lavish lifestyle, you will greatly improve your quality of life. However, if inflation continues to rise, it could lead to higher housing expenses in Perth.

Perth is one of the world’s most affluent cities, with a level of life that places it among the top 20 most expensive cities (Sydney is ranked first). Consider the price of a dozen eggs at $3.50. Think about checking out a movie.

For international distribution, there will be a fee of $13. Rent for a city centre one-bedroom apartment might approach $2,000 per month. If you want to succeed in Perth, you must be careful with your money. There may be hidden costs associated with keeping a low-key lifestyle.

Jobs in Perth, Australia: Benefits & Challenges

If you want to look for work overseas in Perth, you should think about the following:


Even though it may seem out of the way, Perth is home to many exciting opportunities. With all of these wonderful beaches, parks, museums, and eateries, why would you ever want to leave? City Dwellers in Perth are as well-known for their easygoing demeanour as is their city. Therefore, anyone seeking a balanced, tranquil lifestyle and the exciting experience of living overseas may consider relocating to Perth.


Except for those who become severely tanned and a few endangered marine species, visitors and locals to Perth don’t have anything to worry about. Meanwhile, as you adjust to the climate, drink plenty of water and don’t go out strolling at night.

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Jobs in Perth, Australia: Conditions of Employment

Find out more about Perth’s working culture once you’ve found a position that suits your skills and interests. Full-time workers put in an average of 38 hours per week and are eligible for overtime compensation if they put in more than that. In contrast, this does not apply to managerial and executive roles.

Law mandates that employees receive at least four weeks of paid vacation per year. Furthermore, you are eligible for ten days of paid personal leave per year, which can be used for things like illness. There are ten official holidays per year in Western Australia, all of which you can celebrate.

In a move that may be welcome news to working parents, the Australian government has approved 18 weeks of paid parental leave for all children born on or after January 1, 2011.

An additional two weeks of Dad and Partner Pay will be available as of January 1, 2013, for parents who aren’t the primary caregiver for the newborn.

Assessment of Skills and Qualifications for Employment in Perth

This does not guarantee acceptance overseas, even if you have formal education and relevant work experience in your home country.

Certificates and degrees earned in various countries may not have much weight in Perth. As such, you should look at the employment profiles available in Western Australia.

Simply select the job title that most closely fits your present role, and you’ll be taken to a page that details that role’s employment outlook, typical salary, usual hours worked, and, most crucially, a synopsis of the education required to hold that role in Perth, Western Australia.

Please contact the Overseas Qualification Unit in Western Australia if you believe your education abroad has prepared you enough. Discuss a formal appraisal of their qualifications with them. In this method, you can demonstrate to prospective employers in Perth that you possess the necessary skills for the position.

Jobs in Perth, Australia: Conclusion

If you’re considering relocating to Perth, Australia, for work, you might find it helpful to know that the city has been ranked as the ninth most livable in the world. Various indoor and outdoor venues contribute to Perth’s rich arts scene. One of the theaters is wealthy enough to be called “His Majesty’s.”

Perth has many exciting urban neighborhoods, each with its unique character and a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and boutiques to explore.

Oxford Street in Leederville is lined with mom-and-pop stores, and Perth’s central business sector is always bustling. Northbridge is home to numerous trendy clubs and restaurants, while Mount Lawley regularly hosts live music events.

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