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We can rank the size of insurance firms in a variety of ways, to know the top 10 insurance companies in USA, there are steps and considerations.

Calculate an organization’s market capitalization and the top 10 insurance companies in the US using net premiums written or policies sold.

 Listed below are the things to know about insurance companies in USA.

  • Despite their lack of glamor, insurance companies play a vital role in the global financial system.
  • From health to life to property & casualty insurance policies, insurance companies come in many shapes and sizes.
  • The value of a company’s outstanding shares is market capitalization or market cap.
  • We know insurance businesses that are owned by their customers as “mutual” insurers.
  • It is critical to classify insurance firms according to the coverage they provide.

The top 10 insurance companies in USA don’t just exist, they have reasons to be among the top 10

By Market Capacity, the Top 10 Insurance Companies in USA

Nevertheless, multiplying the current share price by the number of outstanding shares, market capitalization, or market cap.

You have to know the Top 10 insurance companies in USA

Therefore, from the viewpoint of investors, it is a rapid approach to determine a company’s value.

Also, large-cap companies are safe bets because of their long track records of profitability.

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They will expand steadily and present the least risk to investors.

 There is a lot of room for growth in mid-cap enterprises.

 In conclusion, small-cap companies tend to be start-ups with promising growth prospects.

Investing in small and mid-cap companies carries the highest risk because of their sensitivity to economic downturns.

However, this isn’t true for every insurance company.

They set many insurance companies up as mutuals, in which case policyholders with participating policies control a small portion of the company outright.

You can find some benefits that are not available with publicly traded insurers in mutual insurance companies, which have been around for centuries.

Sales and Product Lines: Top 10 Insurance Companies

When looking at the top insurance firms, it’s important to distinguish between the insurance or product lines.

In addition, some of the top insurance companies in the US are not trading publicly.

Therefore, it’s helpful to use sales statistics to get an idea of their market value.

Top 10 insurance companies in USA
Top 10 insurance companies in USA

Are the Top 10 Insurance Companies in USA a Good Place to Put Your Money?

Some investors believe that investing in insurance firms is a safe choice to make.

Similarly, risk management is at the heart of insurance firms, so investing in them can be less risky in the long run.

Compared to other types of insurance, health insurance has the potential to increase at a far faster rate than other types of insurance.

Do you want to invest in insurance companies?

Unlike banks or lenders, insurance companies must do their analyzes under conditions that are specific to them.

If a qualifying event occurs, all insurance firms are contractually obliged to pay up their future liabilities.

As a result, you must invest premiums you received prudently to maintain a ready reserve of liquid assets to pay out those claims.

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Insurer portfolio managers use asset-liability management (ALM) to maximize profits while minimizing portfolio risk.

on the contrary, the majority of the assets held by insurance companies are fixed-income instruments.

Life insurance and property and casualty insurance are the two most common forms of insurance businesses found outside of the healthcare industry.

Investors should keep in mind that each has its own unique set of considerations.

 List of Top 10 insurance companies in USA

State farm

Since its founding in 1922, State Farm has grown to become one of the largest insurance and financial services organizations in the United States.

It is the first Top 10 insurance companies in USA

A mutual insurance firm called State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company serves as the group’s parent.

Also, Bloomington is an Illinois-based insurance firm. Property and casualty (P&C) insurance are where State Farm excels, particularly in the personal lines.

In the United States, State Farm covers more automobiles and houses than any other insurer, according to the SNL Financial Data firm.

In addition to P&C insurance, State Farm companies and affiliates offer life and health insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and banking products.

They rated the company 36th on the Fortune 500 list of the largest corporations in 2020.

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 State Farm employs roughly 58,000 people and offers its products through a 19,000-strong independent contractor network of exclusive State Farm agents.

Berkshire Hathaway

As a combination of various enterprises, Berkshire Hathaway includes insurance, energy and utility, freight rail transportation, and manufacturing.

However, one of the “four giants” of the organization, the insurance division, handles much of its overall worth.

A whopping US$147 billion in float value belongs entirely to Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance activities, which the company owns outright.

 In addition, the importance of honesty and money will never go away.

Furthermore, the firm pledged that there is no reason the organization cannot and would not act appropriately.

 A variety of different insurers also have successful business plans and bright prospects, of course.

Top 10 insurance companies in USA

 However, it would be nearly impossible to replicate Berkshire’s business model.”

Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance and reinsurance carry out their business through various domestic and international entities.

At the end of 2021, these subsidiaries had a workforce of around 50,500.

Thus it owns Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies, Gateway Underwriters Agency, GEICO, General RE, MedPro Group, and National Indemnity Company.

They widely regard CEO Warren Buffett as the richest insurance mogul in the United States.

 According to Forbes’ 2022 billionaires list, the “Oracle of Omaha” has a net worth of $117.5 billion as of March 2022.

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies


The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies is a well-known insurance brand in the US.

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This insurance behemoth claims to be the country’s third-largest auto insurer and top motorcycle/specialty RV insurer. Progressive works with State.

Farm, Allstate, GEICO, and Farmers Insurance Group annually.

Progressive writes personal lines risks, including homes insurance, as well as commercial auto.

Directly to consumers or through independent agencies.

Its agency division sells through over 30,000 independent insurance agents nationwide.

The Allstate Corporation

They are a leading personal lines insurer in the US. Founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck & Co., the company now protects over 16 million residences.

This year, Allstate rated No. 70 on the Fortune 500 list of the top US firms. Thomas J. Wilson, its current chairman, president, and CEO, took over in 2007.

In addition, in the 1930s, Allstate created one of the first complex rate classification systems, rewarding responsible drivers with lower rates.

Afterward, this began a long tradition of consumer advocacy. “In the 1960s, we helped pass landmark legislation mandating seatbelt use,” says Allstate.

They promoted the use of airbags for safety throughout the 1970s and 1980s.


Travelers have a Women’s Diversity Network that is open to anyone who wants to take positive action on gender diversity.

Members of this network collaborate to arrange events, sponsor and network and develop leaders.

According to Travelers’ recent Gender Diversity Report, the ratio of women in top positions has climbed by nearly 60% since 2012.

Travelers also launched an 18-month leadership development program for women and sponsored the 2018 Business Insurance Women to Watch EMEA Awards.

The company hosts frequent activities for all employees to promote a culture that “embraces the strength of differences, and recognizes individuality.”

These programs, called Diversity Speaks, feature speakers who share personal stories, experiences, and perspectives.

Travelers have presented 71 Diversity Speaks since 2008. In 2020, these activities will focus on increasing inclusion, equity, and allyship.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, live events became virtual.

Approximately 24,000 employees viewed the company’s nine virtual Diversity Speaks events last year.

South Carolina residents will soon be able to purchase Farmers Insurance’s auto insurance policy.

Farmers Insurance

According to a press release, Farmers Insurance has now made its products available to residents of eight additional states since 2011.

Since its inception in 2013, the company has issued over million pieces of insurance in states like New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


Zurich is a multinational multi-line insurer that offers property and casualty insurance, as well as life insurance.

 Zurich’s clients range from individuals to small enterprises, mid-sized to major companies, and global corporations.

It is also one of the Top 10 insurance companies in USA

Personal lines products include auto, house, general liability, and vacation insurance.

A wide range of commercial insurance products is available to cover risks ranging from property and casualty to management and professional liability.

They also provide claim management, important information on developing trends and hazards in the insurance market, risk engineering solutions, and captive services.

American International Group (AIG)

American International Group (AIG) is a multinational insurance firm founded in 1919 in Shanghai by an American named Cornelius Vander Starr.

AIG is also one of the Top 10 insurance companies in USA

The company’s primary business units now include general insurance, life and retirement, and investments.

AIG’s business insurance options include regular insurance, specialized solutions, and excess lines insurance to help firms meet rising risks.

Small enterprises, entrepreneurs, and non-profits from all around the world are among the company’s clients.

The Hartford

Spectrum BOP (Business Owner’s Policy) is a new version of Hartford’s Spectrum Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

However, it offers tailored coverage suggestions as well as real-time, transparent pricing and simpler explanations of coverage.


Mahmood Khan is now the senior vice president and chief information security officer at CNA.

Khan will now lead the company’s information and cybersecurity strategy and operations.

He will report to Jane Possell, CNA’s CIO.

Top 10 insurance companies in USA
Top 10 insurance companies in USA


The top 10 insurance firms in the United States are discussed in this article.

In addition, we talked about the criteria for selecting these businesses.

If you’re in the country, look into the insurance providers in the United States.

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