Immigration to British obtaining residency by marriage

Marrying a British citizen does not automatically make you a citizen. You will need to apply as the wife of a British citizen, a process that requires time and documentation to enter.

To meet the requirements you must be 18 years of age or older, and be rationally sound and of good character. You must also have met the residency requirements and have met the requirements for knowledge of the English language.
You must have been granted permission indefinitely to reside in the United Kingdom – or permanent residence if you are a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) and have been granted a permanent residence card.

Ways to obtain immigration to Britain

There are three ways to apply for British citizenship by immigration.
First, you can apply as an individual by filling out the AN-application form for naturalization as a British citizen. For more information, read the how-to notes and requirements booklet, which tells you how to fill out the form and other documents you need to provide.

You can also use the Nationality Verification Service (NCS), which is run by local councils. Check if your local council has the NCS.
You can find out which agents or representatives are properly registered in the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).
Note: You must also provide your fingerprints and photo as part of your order. This is known as vital information and costs 19.20 pounds.

Residence in Britain by marriage

If a person marries a British citizen or a British woman legally marries inside or outside the country, he gets a residence for a period of two years, and then he can convert this temporary residence to a permanent residence with commitment to the need to adhere to the conditions for passing the nationality exam and attach the required documents.

Permanent residence is granted to the husband or wife who is married to a British or a British citizen, according to the following conditions:

⦁ If it is not proven that the marital relationship exists outside Britain for four consecutive years, the non-British party may apply for permanent residence.

⦁ Permanent residence under this condition requires the necessity of continuing residence with his intention and an inevitable desire to reside in Britain in addition to proof and in addition to actual legal residence.

Marriage in Britain and its requirements

⦁ Marriage in Britain is a civil marriage. British law does not recognize religious marriage, and marriage must be documented to preserve the rights of both parties in the event of divorce.
⦁ – You may be interviewed at the Ministry of Interior or require more information from you, so you must inform the Ministry of Interior if you change your address.
⦁ Pay the fees for submitting the residence application.
⦁ Submit necessary documents such as passport, birth certificate and travel visas.
⦁ Submit a death certificate or divorce if you were previously married.
⦁ – When legally marrying a British or a British, this gives a two-year residence permit to the foreigner, after which this temporary residence becomes permanent when adhering to all procedures and conditions and passing the nationality exam.
⦁ Permanent residence in Britain requires long-term residence in Britain to demonstrate a desire to remain there.

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