How You Can Get Paid To Watch Netflix

How You Can Get Paid To Watch Netflix

People that usually binge-watch shows on Netflix can actually attest to the fact that it takes time and commitment to catch fun with Netflix. However, have you thought of making money through this process? If not, it is time for you to start making money as you can be paid to watch shows on Netflix. It is very real and possible.

It is always fun to sit on the couch without doing anything than watching Netflix and it requires great commitment to follow up with the episode, in that regards, it is more appropriate to make money from the process legitimately without stress. This means you will be paid for watching shows on Netflix at your will. If you can be paid for such hard work, it is never a bad thing. Also, there are some categories of people that are employed by Netflix to watch shows and movies on the streaming service and they are usually refers to as “taggers”. However, in case there is no job opening in that line, you can still earn money from watching on Netflix. It is very real!

Taggers are people that usually operate by associating Netflix content with various tags which will help the service recommend other shows and movies to viewers after they are done watching. If you are one of those that wish to work in this way or probably wish to get paid for watching Netflix after a long day stress, worry no more as this article will cover all what you need to know about being paid for watching Netflix.

This article will give you more insight on how you can get paid for spending your free time binge watching Netflix and also how it exactly works. It means you can watch and enjoy the experience and funs attached to the movies or shows and still get paid for doing so. There are simple and legit tricks you can follow to achieve this and it shall be discussed in this article. Even without any specific job offer from Netflix, you can still earn money from them. The processes are very legit and devoid of scam whereby you will be able to earn your money legitimately without any riff.

Isn’t it interesting to take a drink, relax on your couch, press play on Netflix and watch has dollars flow into your bank account? It is very possible and this article shall tell you how you can go about it. Meanwhile, there is no one that would choose to give out free money definitely so earning money on Netflix would certainly requires a bit of work which is worthy of doing, you should be able to earn some cash for spending hours watching Netflix and that is what this article is all about.

How to Get Paid to Watch Netflix

  1. When You Watch Netflix Officially: It is very real that you can get paid for watching TV shows or movies from Netflix officially and it is very legit. Netflix will pay you directly for watching from them and they operate it by “tag” programs for people. They usually make use of consistent people that always watch their shows to help them “tag” some of their programming. The simple truth is that these people will do what they love doing most by binge watching TV programs, shows and movies and get paid for it. They are officially called “editorial analysts” or “taggers”. These people will watch different contents on Netflix and then “tag” each of the films or episode with the particular relevant metadata. The truth about it is that Netflix admire this process so much because it enable gather the required information about the shows or movies people watch. The metadata will offers important information about the shows and movies which usually include:
  • The year such particular shows and movies were released
  • The type of language that was used
  • The details about the directors of the show or movie
  • The details of the cast members in the movie or shows
  • Notify in case there are sex scenes or not
  • Indicate whether profanity is used or not and a lot more.

Taggers will also need to label all the Netflix shows and movies with the appropriate tags. They will also be able to rate, annotate and probably write analysis for such TV program or show or movie. This means as a tagger, you will need to watch such shows or movies and then analyze it with particular tags.

  1. Binge Watch Netflix on Swagbucks and Get Paid: This process will also enable you to earn money for watching Netflix because Swagbucks operate rewarding programs whereby you get paid for watching Netflix even right from your comfort home. Swagbucks is well known as online site that usually pays people for performing different activities online which include completing of surveys, listening to music online, watching videos online, online shopping and a lot more. With this site, you can also watch Netflix and get paid. However, before you can enjoy this process, you will need to register with the site and have your personal account which is relatively free. So you don’t need to pay for registering with Swagbucks as it is no cost which will enable you to have access to download their app on your Smartphone. When you are able to download and install the app, you can then start the work. You will be able to have the videos running in your phone and you just binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix.

In that line, you will be able to enjoy watching your favorite videos on Netflix and get paid. You can also choose to submit your reviews or opinions that interest you. This shows that Swagbucks will pay you to watch videos on your phone and you only need to open the app and click on “Watch” then choose your favorite video.

  1. Inbox Dollars: Aside getting paid by Swagbucks that will pay you for performing activities on them, you can also receive money from other rewarding programs and Inbox Dollars is also part of them. You will be rewarded for doing some certain activities which might include completing online surveys, watching videos online, receiving mails and many more. Inbox Dollars has been a well know reward programs just like Swagbucks and it has paid a lot of people from past. This program will pay you $5 sign up bonus just to encourage people to get involve after signing up.

  2. MyPoints: This is another program that will get you paid for completing a particular activity. They operate just like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars and they usually reward people with points for any activity done. You only need to start the playlist and then get your points when it is done. This shows that you can easily watch videos directly on this site from your Smartphone and get paid. All the points you got by performing activities on this site can then be redeem into cash which will be paid to your preferred payment option. Other activities you can do and get paid with this site include shopping online through them, completing online surveys, playing games, listening to music online and many more.

Other programs that will pay you for watching shows or movies or TV programs include:

  • Paid2Youtube
  • GrabPoints
  • Instant Rewards
  • Nielsen Digital Voice
  • Perk
  • App Trailers and many more

Note: It is very possible to get paid for watching Netflix, if you are someone that love watching shows or movies on Netflix, you can start earn money from it which is very legitimate. With the above ways, you can easily get your money while you catch fun by watching your favorite movies or shows on Netflix.


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