How You Can Be Paid For Listening To Music with Genuine Apps and Sites That Pay Well

How You Can Be Paid For Listening To Music with Genuine Apps & Sites That Pay Well

Another way to earn money is by listening to music, it might be through online or any other medium. It is always fun to get paid for doing your hobby. When you engage on the favorite things you admire and it earns you money, there is nothing that is more amazing than that. There are some online sites that actually pay you for listening to music and what you only need to do is submit reviews about that music and get paid.

Just by signing up on these websites, you can earn money from it and this will enable you to save some cash meant to settle other financial expenses. It is possible for you to get paid while listening to music and what you only need to do is just to submit reviews and feedbacks about the music and get paid. There are a lot of online resources that will even pay you for testing out some music samples. This means it is very possible for you to get paid while listening to music when you give out your opinion and ratings. If you are a lover of music, why don’t you think of making money from what you love doing most? Amazing it is!

How Does It Work?

What you firstly need to know is that those companies aren’t paying you for only listening to music rather they are paying you because you will be doing some tasks while/after listening to the music. With regards to the particular online site you want to use, some of the tasks you will have do to include submitting review on such music, giving out your feedback about the particular music or any other related task. The good part of it is that you don’t necessarily need to possess certain skills or techniques before you can perform this task rather you can even choose when to do it and how you wish to do it.

When You Write Reviews and Feedbacks about Music Online & Get Paid:

The first thing you need to do when you choose to participate in this task is your sincerity. You should ensure that you are sincere with your reviews and opinions in order to help the business owners/websites develop more about their service. The online sites will be paying you for writing appropriate reviews and ratings about their music and that is how you will earn from listening to music.

When You Are Been Paid For Listening To Music Online & Transcribe The Lyrics:

People that are always interested in reading through lyrics can easily enjoy this process as what they only need to do is just by listen to music and then transcribe the lyrics which might be through the use of their apps or software.

When You Participate in Focus Group and Get Paid By Listening To Music & Reviewing It

In this regards, you will get register as a member with the companies that offer such program and after registration, you can then receive new songs on your mail which you will have to listen to. The stipulated time for most of these programs is usually 24hours or specific time duration for you to listen to it and submit a review.

You Can Be Paid For Referring People

Another good way to get paid online is by referring others and with that you will be able to earn the way you are able to refer. You will be paid for listening to music and reviewing it and also get paid for referring people. The more people yo refer, the more you get paid.

How Much Can You Earn For Listening To Music?

The more money you receive through this process is determined by the online sites or companies. However, you are guaranteed to receive a lot of dollars for this task but rather it will help you to have some cash which you can use for other financial expenses. The good part of it is that you will be able to earn more when you review more. Some people can earn up to $10 per hour. You will be able to get more money when you listen to much tracks and also able to perform some tasks on it. People that have much time will be able to enjoy this opportunity as they will be able to do it for more hours and it will enable them to earn a lot more. You might not really be interested in listening to music from the beginning to end but it is advisable to listen to the first 1min at least. It is therefore pertinent for people that wish to earn money from this process to carefully submit their reviews with good quality that can motivate the companies and online sites. This is unconnected to the fact that most of the companies and online sites aren’t giving out money for people just for listening to music but rather they are paying people for reviewing or rating a particular music for a specific purpose. Most of those companies would usually request about your personal data from you and the music preference before they start the type of music you want to do for reviewing and rating.

Online Sites & Companies That Pays You for Listening To Music

We have numerous programs and online sites that pay you for listening to music and performing some activities. Part of the activities includes reviewing of songs or rating of music and probably by referring friends. You only need to sign up and then create your personal profile and by the time your profile is approved, you can just start the work and earn your money. You can just listen to those songs and write your feedbacks.

The following are companies that usually pay people for listening to music, rating it and reviewing them. Also, they pay people when they refer others to their websites. They are thus:

  1. Musicxray: This is a well-known online site that allows you to get paid for listening to music online. You will be able to sign up and listen to music you wished to according to the genre selected. After selection, the site will inform by the time the music to be review match your selection. What this website does is that it connects numerous artists to those looking for talents. In that regards, those artists pay a certain amount of money to promote their track(s) and have a fan-base by making sure they submit their music to the portal and get more followers.
  2. Slicethepie: This online website allows you to get paid when you listen to music online and submit reviews. In fact, this site has become one of the most used sites that offer music reviews and promote upcoming artist across the world. The website is very consistent and highly recognized as they always make sure users are paid for listening and reviewing music. You can also write reviews about latest tracks from upcoming artists. With this site, you can listen to the music for about 60seconds before you give your feedback on such particular track. What you only need to do is to give unbiased analysis or opinion about the music and the reviews will be sent directly to the artist in order for them to evaluate their songs.

  3. RadioLoyalty: This is an online radio that compensates you for listening to it. You can choose the variety of radio stations you wished to listen to and its service is available many countries around the world. You get paid for listening to this radio due to the fact that it is sponsored by advertisements which means you directly listen to advertisements when you listen to the radio. You can create a profile on this web-based radio which will earn you points after which you can score up to 10points for every 10mins you listen to the radio. You can therefore exchange the points to gift cards which can also be redeemed.

  4. SongPeople: This is a website that pays you for listening to music online. When you answer reviews that are related to music with this website, you are entitle to earn money. This website usually holds reviews keenly and you will get points for every review done while you can redeem your points to free gift cards. However, this website is only available to UK or US citizens.

  5. RadioEarn: Just as the name implies, you can earn money from this site when you listen to radio. You only need to create your personal profile and then start listening to the radio. Meanwhile, webmasters are opportune to earn more when they integrate the radio on their website for others to listen to. With this radio, you can earn points after every 15mins which can be redeeming to cash.

  6. Hitpredictor: This Company is a research one that pays people to listen and review music. You will have to sign up and then start earning points when you rate new artists and music. You will get paid when you listen to a particular song and submit a review about it. Also, you can receive points when you listen to a large amount of songs within a specified timeframe. When you review is good and appropriate, you will earn more as the artists, record labels, music managers and others related personalities would use the reviews to properly give the desired outcome.

Others online resources and companies that pay when you listen to music include:

  • Cash4minutes
  • Earnably
  • Unique Rewards
  • FusionCash and many more.


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