How To Use Cinnamon Turmeric Tea To Naturally Flush Out Inflammation

How To Use Cinnamon Turmeric Tea To Naturally Flush Out Inflammation
When you are informed of the benefits you are losing for not drinking some spices of tea, you will be left with other option than to exploit the necessary goodies you’ve missed. If you are not too comfortable drinking tea, try it out considering the health benefits. You can check out the combination of cinnamon and turmeric to flush inflammation. These two powerful spices in addition to green tea possess some important health benefits and it is also delicious to take.

Generally, drinking tea has a lot of importance for health, especially green, red or black tea. So, talking about cinnamon turmeric tea, we all know that turmeric is a spice that looks like a flavor which is very nutritious to consume and have often been used in Chinese medicine to treat inflammatory diseases. The cinnamon stick on the other hand adds a natural sweetness to make it more delicious.

Let’s now talk about the benefits of these ingredients and then how to make it:

Why do you need green tea?

Green tea is a tea that is high in polyphenols which are known to be powerful antioxidants. It helps to reduce the effects of free radicals on the body and gives the immune system the power to fight off chronic disease including cancer. Also, green tea has also been effective in stabilizing glucose levels. Green tea can help the body system in the following ways:
– reduces inflammation in the gut that can cause diseases such as IBS or Crohn’s.

– lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol
– lowers risk of heart disease
– improves liver health
– aids in weight loss
– reduces inflammation
– stabilizes blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes.

These are some of the health benefits of green tea; can you now see more reason why you need to make this drink a favorite? It is recommended. Let us now move to the health importance of cinnamon too.

Health benefits of Cinnamon:

Researchers opined that there are 26 most popular spices in the world and great enough, cinnamon came number 1. This means that cinnamon is the most powerful and active spice that is well known for its antioxidant contents and health importance. The importance of cinnamon to the health system includes:
– great source of antioxidants
– contains anti-inflammatory properties
– improves heart health
– fights diabetes
– protects brain function
– great source of manganese and calcium
– can fight allergies
– is a natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent
– boosts immune system


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Another powerful benefit of cinnamon is that it reduces inflammation in the body.

Health benefits of Turmeric:

The use of turmeric for medicinal purpose has been dated to ancient time. It can treat various health conditions and also helpful in maintaining good health condition. Some of the benefits of turmeric include:

– It helps to reduce inflammation in the body.
–It can reduce cancer risk
– Turmeric can improve digestion
– It can protect and promote brain and heart health
– It helps to treat arthritis symptoms.

Since you are now acquainted with the importance of cinnamon turmeric tea, it is essential to note the step on how to make the tea.

How to make cinnamon turmeric tea:


1 to 2 tablespoon of black tea or green tea or looseleaf tea (or a tea bag, depending on how you want to make it)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon healthy sweetener (it can be stevia, honey, or any type of sweetener you desire)
Lemon slices (this is optional).

Add the tea, cinnamon, turmeric, and sweetener to the bottom of a french press. (Or, if using a tea bag, heat up a cup of water on the stove or microwave, and add the tea bag to the water. Let it steep for a few minutes and then stir in other ingredients.)
Add hot water to about the halfway point of the french press and let steep for 3-5 minutes, stirring once, then press. Let the mixture cool off, and then add ice cubes to your cup.
Once it comes to room temperature, pour the tea into your mug and drink up!

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