How to Save Money From Sanitary Products

How to Save Money From Sanitary Products.

Sanitary products is a major necessity for the female gender especially at one point in time within a month. Pads and tampons are so costly with there observable increasing prices. This prices are something you need to think of a way it will be very affordable for you because you cannot avoid it, it is a must. 

There are many ways you can save money because there are some very expensive product of the sanitary products and you should understand that, even the cheap ones those not mean it not quality or won’t serve the purpose it should. It was estimated that over 20 sanitary product is usually used within that particular period of the month and this will cost preety high and hence the need to find and read on ways that can be use to reduce the huge cost of these basic necessities. 

Most people consider disposable sanitary products as an essential and regular purchase and they are often bought in supermartket and it doesn’t mean you can not save where necessary because just like other supermarket product that you can get discount at one point and another, you can also get discount on your various sanitary products as well. And as we have said the prices keep going up and even as the prices increase, it may get even higher and this is why the need to make sure you get this sanitary product at affordable price that you can. It is estimated that women who have period will have 480 periods and lesser depending on the number of kids they have in there life time.

It was estimated in 2018 that periods cost women upto five hundred ponds yearly but this amount of money also takes into account new underwears and the cost of some drugs that help to take care of the mentral pain that is attach to it. But actually these amount of money is not actually too much in the real sense taking into consideration every aspect of the period that require finances. But the major step back is, not everyone can afford the huge expense because you can have upto 13 period with in a year and this is because the menstrual cycle is just at 28days and this will add to your cost and expenses within a year.

Therefore the following ways have been put in place as the top tips to save money on sanitory products

1. Make use of period tracking app to avoid rush or emergency.
In other for you to stay on top of your cycle then you need this very important app. Because basically if you happen to be someone who have a period that is not consistent or change from time to time without having a solid constant time that you should be expecting it. And this is why you will need this period tracking apps will save you from unnecessary stress,

embarrassment and cost that will occur when you get stained unexpectedly staining your panties which you may have to throw away to buy another or the stain and damage it will cause to your bed sheet if you where there when it happened. The apps includes Clues, Flos which helps to determing and predict your monthly cycles and they come with a monthly subscription if you want to use the many extra features it contains.

The Natural cycle app is  form of contraception and it is use to track your mentral cycle, proven to be about 98% effective. This uses an oral thermometer to check your temperature which is expected to be high all through the period time, and base on this readings it creates an accurate ovulation calender, But when you want to use this for birth control, it is adviceable you do that with the use of condom. And there is a monthly subscription that is also attached to use this app, about £7.

2. Visit Price Comparison Site.
Mainly, one of the basic way in which you can know you are getting a good price for product is comparing the price you are given with other prices available else where. Price comparison have been of very good help and a very easy too to manage spend and avoid buying a product at a high price when you can get something of that purpose and quality else where at cheaper price. And basically for period product, we have the Sanitary Saver that helps to help you compare the prices of the sanitary products that you need. But for easy access to all varieties of period products, you can visit the general price comparison site in which you can compare the prices across all major retailers. One of such apps is MySupermarket app.

3. Downshift to Supermarket own brand items. 
This is another way in which you can minimise cost of your sanitary product. Most people decided to go for the very popular brand such as Always but when you want to actually save your self some cost, then you need to downshift to the supermarket own brand. There are many ways in which you can limit your cost on sanitary products in this regards and even when you have developed so much interest on your prefered type of sanitary product that is a bit more expensive, you can just use it on heavy flow and after words use the relatively cheap ones. This in turn saves you so much on the high expenses of your period.Virtually there is no difference between the branded sanitary products and the supermarket own brand as alot of people have reported not observing any much difference.

4. Ask for support from your student union
As  a student who could not afford a sanitary product, some student union have made provision for a free distribution of sanitary products. The student unions of UEA, Lancaster, or Stirling offers to distribute free of these products. But some other students union shops offers a bit of discount for student and allows them to get the sanitary products at a more cheaper rate.

Basically you should understand that just like any other products that requires that you reduce cost at every aspect you can, then you should as well reduce cost in your sanitary products as well. Try and get the free distributions by the students union and stay away from the very expensive brand as much as you can. And even if you are getting a discount always try to compare the prices to know that you are buying at the cheapest rate available.


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