How to Make Your Hair Grow (Incredibly Fast: You Can Make 1 Inch in a Week)

There are numerous people who love to make their hair grow naturally faster. Hair growth is determined by several factors such as genetics, over-styling and a low iron count. Therefore, increasing the hair volume could be a bit tricky.

We have different hair products and home remedies that are sold to help get long locks. However, the aftermath of many studies revealed that there is a simple formula that works better.

It might seem difficult to experience but this article will tell you how to grow your hair in one day and up to one inch in a week. Indeed, it is the right time for you to get the hair you always dream of.

How fast does hair grow?

Before you can start learning how to make your hair grow faster, it is important to firstly know about how quickly it naturally grows so that you can know what to expect.

According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the scalp hair grows an average of 1cm per month. It implies that an average person should expect to grow between 4 to 5 inches of hair per year. However, the shape of your hair follicles and genetics are usually the two major factors that drive the speed in which your hair grows.

Why do hair stops growing?

Is your hair not growing? Then, you should know that it doesn’t decide to stop growing. There are several reasons that stunt the growth and it includes:

·        Over styling: Everybody desires to have hair that is impressive, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the hair health. In case you are using heat tools daily, you should try to cut down. Heat can weaken the hair and going an extra day without heating can dramatically improve the hair growth. If it is compulsory to heat, try to gently towel and air dry your hair until it is close to 60% dry and then use the hairdryer on a medium setting.

·        Poor diet: Diet plays a serious role not only in beauty but even health. When there is a diet with deficiency in vitamins, minerals, and protein, then the hair mightn’t grow.

·        Wrong Products: You should be aware that some hair products could cause more harm than good to your hair health. Avoid using just anything on your hair – harsh chemicals will dry it out and may stunt hair growth.

·        Tight Hairstyles: Some hairstyles such as tight ponytails and high buns might look interesting, but they can cause serious damage to our hair health. Bobbles grip the hair which causes friction and might lead to fraying and split ends. Tying your hair up every once in a while is no big deal, but having the same updo every day will cause damage over time. When it comes to wet hair, putting it up should be avoided at all costs. Wet hair is more liable to splitting than dry, the evidence of which will be on your hair bobble should you ever try it.

·        Hormonal Imbalance: Most things from thyroid – related disorders to stress, menstruation and puberty can cause a change in hormones that impact our hair. Some specific hormones such as estrogen and progesterone promote hair growth, whilst androgen and testosterone discourage it. Some hormones become imbalanced, it forces the hair into the telogen phase, leading to hair loss and thinning.

How to make your hair grow faster

1.     Eat protein and biotin rich foods: Biotin also known as vitamin H forms a part of the B-complex group of vitamins that help turn food into fuel for energy purposes. It also aids in the metabolism of fats, carbs and amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Mostly, hair starts to grow from the root of the follicle which is made up of cells of protein. For hair to grow faster, you should eat a diet that is rich in both Biotin and protein in order to facilitate the building of blocks of protein. Here are some Biotin and protein rich foods which can increase hair growth:

–         Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and pecans

–         Eggs

–         Avocado

–         Sardines and salmon

–         Milk and cheese

2.     How to make hair grow with the inversion method: The Inversion method is very important to note. It claims to achieve one inch of hair growth a week. Although it might not work for everyone, it is certainly worth a try.

The Method:

·        Trimmed your hair to remove and split ends which may affect results.

·        Endeavor to measure the hair so that you can compare it to the end results.

·        Sit on a chair or sofa or the end of your bed, then hang your head between your legs.

·        Use your fingertips to massage your scalp for five to ten minutes. Ensure you use a timer so you are continuously massaging.

·        You can help boost the method and give your hair an intensive moisturizing treatment with the use of a natural oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or argan oil while massaging. If you can, let it stay there overnight in a shower cap.

·        Repeat the process daily for a week, and then leave for a month before repeating it.

3.     Shampoo to make your hair grow: You can decide to give your hair a little extra growing power every time you wash it by switching out your everyday shampoo for one that helps accelerate growth. There are several types of shampoos that enhance hair growth!

4.     Rinse hair with cold water: Some people don’t know that hot water strips the hair of moisture and weakens the hair strands making it more prone to breakage. To avoid damage, make sure you are washing your hair with warm water and definitely not hot or scorching. Warm water will make follicles open, enabling you to clean the scalp thoroughly.

Home remedies for hair growth

Aside from dieting and using some specific hair products, there are numerous home remedies for hair growth which can contribute immensely to your hair growth and encourage it to get long and strong. They are:

1.     Vaseline

2.     Coconut oil

3.     Aloe vera

4.     Eggs

5.     Castor oil

6.     Apple cider vinegar

7.     Rice water

8.     Jojoba oil

9.     Honey


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