How To Make Money As A Movie Extra

How To Make Money As A Movie Extra

How To Make Money As A Movie Extra

You can really make money by not being the real actor in a movie or TV show which means that you can play a background role and get paid. People often regard “extra” as “background acting” and it is a process whereby you act as a supporting artist in a movie. Interestingly, you can make cool cash without acting as a main actor in a movie. In this article, we shall be discussing how you can make money from being a movie extra and talk about some agencies that actually find you paying extra jobs.

The good aspect of this job is that you don’t really need to have a particular skill or experience before you can be qualified and it will give you more tactics on how you can develop yourself to become a professional in movie industry. This shows that people that are desired of venturing into acting movies are liable to benefit more from this job.

What Does Movie or TV Show Extra Means?

It is pertinent we understand the concept of “being extra” and how someone can become a movie or TV show extra. People that work at a movie or TV show as extra are those that are not the main actors in the movie, they don’t have any essence of performing in the movie and they are referred to as “background actors”. In a nutshell, they are people that make a movie scene look real and natural. The examples of movie or TV extras include: customers at restaurants or cafes, revelers at concerts, the soldiers at battle fields, those individuals that walk around on the streets, the crowd that move around in the market places during the movie and many more. To act as an extra, you don’t really need to have any acting experience but just to look good and be sensitive. There is no special talent required for this task as anyone can key into it and make cool money therein.

What you only need to have at the back of your mind is to be sensitive to the director’s instructions and guidelines and be adherent to your role as given. You can be told to act for days or nights depending on the role you are assigned to carry out. Therefore, when you are able to perform your role as expected, you are good to go!

How Near Is This Job To Me?

You also need to know the distance of the location where the movie is taking place. It can be hours or not, when you where the movie will be filming, you can easily plan your means of transportation to ease your movement. There are some people who live near to movie site and it is an added advantage to the residents that wish to work as extra.  If you wish to know more about any movie casting for extras near your residential area, you can visit your state’s tourism site, newspaper ads, casting agencies and many more.

How Much Is The Pay?

People that participate in the movie or TV show as an extra are always being paid for their roles. The payment always differs depending on Union membership or non-union membership whereby the union members are liable to earn more than the non-union members. That is because those at the union membership would have to pay for union dues and hence the reason why they earn more money. It is on record that union members do earn up to $150 per day as an extra, while non-union members do earn around $10 per hour as an extra. Other factors that can actually affect your earning as extra include the budget of the movie, the number of extras at the movie, the role you play, your performance and many more. For that reason, you need to do a thorough homework before you sign up with the cast of a set so that you can earn good.

How Do I Get This Job?

The two major ways you can get an extra job is through casting agencies or through other actors. Going by through other actors, they are people that have more insights on how to get extra role and where to get them. Also, the second option which is through casting agencies can also be of great help. There are open casting calls whereby the movies and shows actually request for specific types of people to act as extra at a TV show or movie. Before you can participate in this, you would need to register with a casting agency and therein you will go through their guidelines and find out what you actually need to do. Other options include:

·         Searching the Internet for paid film or TV extra opportunities. You can register with websites like Central Casting for casting opportunities.

·         Contacting local talent hunt agencies for TV extra roles opportunities

·         Contacting specific films that are being shot for possible extra roles and many more.

This shows that there are various avenues for you to explore and get paid as a movie or TV show extra. It only requires your commitment and best roles you can perform well. You can find many casting agencies in your town or city which will ease your participation. You only need to get in touch with the legitimate ones that hire and pay movie or TV show extras. Meanwhile, kindly be wary of how you search for casting agencies as there are scammers out there that easily fleece unsuspecting newbie.

4 Legitimate Agencies That Can Get You Movie or TV Show Extra Jobs

1.     Batherson Casting: This Company is unarguably one of the prominent professional movie casting companies due to their mode of operation. They work with leading films makers both locally and across the country. Batherson provides the opportunity to be a movie extra as you can sign up and get paid. This is because they have casting calls that would enable you to earn money as an extra.

2.     Ray Knight Casting: This is another professional casting agency that helps to hire and proffer movie extra jobs that pay. This firm gives out clients and movie sets with a selected range of people and also provides the needed number of crowd that a movie need to be successful. This agency is based in UK. You can sign up and get linked with film productions as extra and earn your cool money.

3.     Mad Dog 2020: This is another UK based casting agency which accepts applications from prospective movie extras. There is designed application software from this agency which is available for both Android and IOS devices. What you need to do is just take your personal photograph and apply therein. After which you will be invited for proper and formal registration when the first one is successful.

4.     MyCastingFile: This is a website that gives you the access and links with different casting agencies and movies’ directors. People that are much interested in movie or TV show extra job can find this platform exciting where you can sign up for free and when you are able to have a detailed profile; casting agencies would easily notice you and get you contacted along the line.


You can easily make your money by acting as a movie or TV show extra. It is possible and efficient, it only requires you have access to genuine agencies and ready to pay. Although, some agencies charges commission for linking you up with movies’ directors but some of them also allows you to sign up for free and get the necessary connectivity. If you are a member or an extra or acting union in a city or state, you stand better chance of earning more than the person who is non-member.  Luckily, there are many unions for talents who can work with casting companies. Another aspect of concern is your readiness to work as you need to be sincere, polite and natural while participating.


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