How to Identify and Treat Red Marks on Your Skin

Are you wondering if the red mark on your skin is an allergic reaction or just a stress rash? It could be simply means a nasty ingrown hair or probably a serious health challenge. In any form it could implies, there are possibilities abound. The only thing you do know is that you don’t want it there.

In this article, we shall be revealing how to can identify most common reasons for red marks on the skin. Meanwhile, you should note that if a red mark on your body is of legitimate concern, have believe in your gut and speak up with a medical doctor for proper medication or advice.


1.     What it looks like: A small, firm pink mound on the skin

The likely cause: Dermal nevi, benign growths that often appears in the young adulthood.

Solution: A dermal nevi is regarded as a safe and normal skin legion, but they usually don’t go on their own. Therefore, you will need to remove them surgically by a dermatologist.

2.     What it looks like: Inflammation or an infection stemming from one or multiple hair follicles.

The likely cause: Folliculitis (or inflamed hair follicles) is usually caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, although recurrent cases of ingrown hairs are sometimes also referred to as folliculitis. These are hairs that grow sideways into the skin. They form because their hair curls back instead of growing straight.

Solution: You need to visit a doctor who can notice whether the condition is bacterial or fungal. Should the infection be severe or recurring, then you may be prescribed an antibiotic cream or oral antibiotics. Also, it is recommended that you avoid shaving or rubbing the skin if your folliculitis is due to ingrown hairs, instead you can make use of warm compresses to ease irritation and discomfort.

3.     What it looks like: A red, mole-like growth of any size

The likely cause:Cherry angioma which is a common growth created by a collection of small blood vessels.

Solution: If the sight of the growth doesn’t bother you, you can leave it alone as they are almost harmless. However, you should check out the growth to make sure it is cherry angioma and not something else that isn’t benign.

4.     What it looks like: A scrawled red line on the face or the body

The likely cause: A broken vessel which is also known as a spider vein. It can exist due to weather change, pregnancy, or genetics.

Solution: A broken vessel on the face can be treated by applying apple cider vinegar to the affected area. The apple cider vinegar will help reduce the appearance of the spider vessels by reducing the redness.

5.     What it looks like: A mole that has become red or begins to bleed.

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