How to Easily Make Money As A Content Creator And Content Marketer For Free

Yes, you can make money easily as a content creator and content marketer.

This article shows you exactly how.

It also shows you how to do a lot more for free and still succeed as a content creator and marketer.

The most important things first …


When we are younger, they mean kitchen utensils that pour liquid into.

Current conversion paths also relate to your ability to make money.

The quick way to earn money online, especially as a content marketer, is easy because you rely on a powerful weapon you already have in your arsenal, the power of the written word.

To sell to your readers all you have to do is write to them.

Note: Do not say “Write to them”. No one likes to talk to him.

Writing to an audience and writing them have different purposes. The first involves care, warmth, a real concern.

In order to be content marketer and generate revenue from your readers, you need to show interest in them.

Sell ​​creators and marketers by writing to people.

As a content marketer, you need to rely on conversion paths to market to your readers.

This publication will teach you the suppression of 4 steps.

The action plan will transform you from the advertising author to a content marketer, in which case your visitors will turn from readers to buyers.

Bring on the suppression of content marketing!

Who or what the creator of the content

Simply – the creator is the person who creates relevant content for the target audience.

Content can be either printed media (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) or digital media (software, digital video, digital images, digital audio, e-books, video games, websites, social media, etc.).

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating relevant content and then distributing that content to attract, retain and market a target audience.

As a content marketer, your task is to plan, create and distribute content to attract and sustain your target audience and then turn those readers into customers.

Are you ready to become a content marketer?

4-step content creation and marketing suppression:

Step 1. Planning and producing quality content

Content marketing requires a great deal of planning.

Before you can put the pen on a sheet (or delivered to the keyboard), you need to develop a strategy.

Earlier, you defined content marketing as “related content.”

“Related to who?” You may wonder.

Since content marketing is an attempt to generate targeted reader interest with your content, you need to know who the target reader is.

How to discover a personalized target reader

This part of the repression requires you to play detective and draw conclusions about your target client based on your evidence.

Who are you writing about? Do you already have a picture of that person in mind?

On the other hand, you may already be happy with the demographics of your readers and want to increase your population further.


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