How to Earn Money as Greeting Cards Writer or Designer & Companies That Pay

How to Earn Money as Greeting Cards Writer or Designer & Companies That Pay

People that are very good in writings and have the knowledge of making words a productive description then there is a great way to make money from it. You will be able to make money online when you designing and selling greeting cards.

Most especially in US, greeting card is a very huge industry and people actually patronize it in large proportion. It become more serious and germane to the extent that there later exist, an association for it named Greeting Card Association. This association carried out a survey and the result was that up to 30% of people that was given greeting card as a gift or compliment or presentation usually keep it safe in their abode forever. It is amazing to realize that it is a lucrative venture for those that are willing to make extra money even while catching fun.

Those people whom are very regular in designing or writing greeting cards for fun would actually enjoy this opportunity most as it only requires how to make use of words and have a scintillating meaning. If you are interested in making money as a greeting card writer or designer, keep reading this article as it discuss what you need to know about making money online by designing or writing greeting cards. Also, the article will show you some companies that pay by hiring freelancers. This is addition to the fact that we have genuine and legitimate greeting card companies that offer such service. Due to high demand of greeting cards, the opportunity to be a greeting card writer or designer becomes efficient and competitive; this is because those companies are willing to pay people that would help them design/write greeting cards.

You might receive up to $300 when you submit poems and got accepted by some of those companies which would be published inside the greeting card. While some companies pay less, the constant case is that you will earn money when you engage in this task as it is worth doing.

Who is a Greeting Card Designer/Writer?

Firstly, let us talk about what greeting cards means. Actually, that card that is used to express personal feelings and given to another person is usually refers to as a greeting card. It will talk about how you wish and feel and be sent to someone else. We have different types of greeting cards which include Happy New Year Cards, Valentine Cards, Birthday Cards, Get Well Soon Cards, Merry Christmas Cards and many more. Since we know understand the concept of greeting cards, let’s now talk about greeting cards writer or designer.

People that have skills and knowledge about how to create words that would be printed inside a greeting card are usually referred to as greeting card writers. These people are very prolific and efficient when writing and it could be poetic or prosaic. Also, the words might be rhymed or non-rhymed. The writers usually know how to construct and compose the words that would suit the apt destination. They can write appealing verses, quotes, admiring paragraphs or poems that can be used by someone else to express their feelings. When you are part of those that possess such innate ability to write properly and attractively for greeting cards, you can start making money from it legitimately. That is all about greeting card writers.

Now, greeting card designers are people that can skillful in arranging and designing images or arts into a colorful outlook. Their work is more of a design unlike writers. They only need to possess designing skills and not writing skills. Greeting card designers usually have designing skills to put different designs together and fit it into the greeting cards. Just as greeting card writers write words into greeting cards, greeting card designers designs into greeting cards. In any of the two ways, you can start making your money if you possess any of the skills.

How You Can Make Money Online As A Greeting Card Designer or Writer:

You can start making money online when you operate as a greeting card designer or writer and you can sell them directly. You can perform this task easily with the help of online resources that are now available. There are numerous things people now do online in order to earn extra cash and greeting cards is inclusive. You can just post your greeting cards online and make money. You only need to upload them, post the materials, fix a price and take orders; it is very easy and convenient to do. However, you can also choose to sell your greeting cards directly to the companies that buy it.

Working At Home as a Greeting Card Writer or Designer:

The use of technology has made it easy to carry out any operation online with ease. When you have a good internet connection, you can design or write your greeting cards and sell it out online to clients or customers right from your comfort home. Some people might not necessarily wish to venture into full time business of this act but nonetheless they can still make some cash by just selling out greeting cards they created. What they only need is to look out for business that offer greeting cards services or companies that are always interested to hire greeting card writers or designers and you create quality cards for them and get paid. More also, you can choose to work as a freelancer from home and still earn money from it.

Greeting Card Jobs from Home

It is possible for you to get greeting card jobs from home and it might be on your own or through companies. However, most of the companies won’t indicate how much they will pay on the web page but it is recorded that you can earn around $25 to $300 when you operate with the appropriate greeting card companies.

10 Greeting Card Companies That Pay Well

We have decided to help you bring out some of the companies that pay or hire people that design or write greeting cards. You shouldn’t bother about getting the right companies, it will be shortlisted here. You can therefore get paid with these companies when you design or write greeting cards. This shows that if you don’t have writing skills, you can still earn money as a designer and vice versa.

  1. American Greetings: This is a well known company that offers greeting cards publishing services. You will be able to submit your own entries with this company and get paid if selected. When you submit your writings, it goes through scrutiny and if accepted by them, you will be paid for it. However, this company only reviews solicited submissions once in a month. On that note, it is expected that you prepare for a very formal assessment procedure before you can be accepted.
  2. Hallmark: This great company is very popular in terms of greeting cards operations. The only issue with it is that they don’t receive submissions from people outside because they already have their own in-house team of writers that usually write their greeting cards. However, you can make money by writing for this company only that you will need to move to their head quarter located in Kansas City, Mo. Most people are familiar with this company and that is the major reason why I decided to state it here. However, they don’t accept outside submissions but other companies do.
  3. Blue Mountains Arts: This Company is a recognized business companies that deals with greeting cards for many years back. Blue Mountains Arts usually loves to receive creative writings and emotional prose/poetry that can be published in a greeting card. If you have the skill to do this, don’t miss the opportunity of making money from it with this company. Also, always endeavor to read about their guidelines before you send in your submissions so that you can be able to get the best from them.

  4. RSVP: This is another company that also publishes cards for different purpose. They usually print cards for holidays, anniversaries, events, birthdays and a lot more. The company usually hires people that can write creative, emotional and inspiring greeting card messages. Most times, RSVP accepts work from artists just like drawing and designing original greeting card artwork and many more. In case you have knowledge about this, you can give them a trial.

  5. Ephemera: This Company is very consistent in paying people that write or design greeting cards. They also accept submissions on witting sayings, motivational quotes, slogans and other related writings. Funny enough, this company usually accepts sayings that are controversial or offensive also. You only need to be creative and passionate in order to earn well with this company. The more creative your material is, the more you earn from the company.

  6. Shade Tree Greetings: This is another company with different scope of operation. Instead of being paid for writing messages for greeting cards, this company deals with submission of pictures. You will be paid when you submit pictures that will be printed inside the greeting cards instead of drawings. They possess a specific category of cards known as “Actual Pictures” and it usually consists of real images. They admire normal pictures of people for example old family photos specifically unusual or funny ones.

  7. Madison Park Publishing: You will be paid for submitting artwork with this company. People that are very good in designing images and artworks can make good use of this company and earn better money. When you design the arts or images very well, you then submit it to them and if accepted, it will be used in Madison Park Publishing’s greeting cards and other products.

  8. Oatmeal Studios: This Company is also great in paying for greeting cards writings and designs. In fact you can receive up to $75 for arts or inspiring greeting cards if accepted by this company. They also accept submissions from public and they mostly focus on different variety of demographics. People that are good in writing fun and humor material can find this company interesting.

  9. Calypso Cards: This is a great company that covers wide variety of greeting cards. In fact you can also sell greeting cards that are sophisticated, contemporary or innovative with this company. The company pays freelancers and other related artists for creative work. They receive submissions such as anniversary cards, thank you cards, New Year, valentine and a lot more.

  10. Smart Alex: Smart Alex is a genuine company that pays writers and designers of greeting cards. Interestingly, you can receive up to $100 when your submission is accepted by this company. If you are good in humorous or images designs, you will earn well with this company.


The above listed companies are part of the genuine companies that pay writers and designers of greeting cards. Before you embark on any task, kindly make sure you understand and read through the guidelines stipulated by such companies. You will receive your payment anytime your submission is accepted and that is more reason why you should be creative with your submissions in order for you to earn more.


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