How To Apply For Embassy of USA Fully-funded Scholarships In 2023

The Embassy of USA awards the largest number of fully-funded scholarship programs, exchange programs and internship programs in the whole world. This year’s call for scholarships is for all students from all around the world who want to study Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., MBA, Medical, and Law programs. This scholarship program accepts applications from all academic fields. The fully-funded USA scholarships will cover the recipients’ air tickets, accommodation, meals, stipend, health, visa fee, including tuition and examination fees. These scholarships are sponsored by the US Govt and the Embassy of the USA.

The United States is one of the biggest countries in the whole world. In the US, there are over 5,250 colleges and universities. And about 1,075,496 international students are enrolled at US colleges and universities. All Nationalities can apply for the fully-funded USA Scholarship programs.


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In this blog post we will unveil all the fully-funded Scholarships in the USA that are accepting applications from all international students in 2023.

Why Study in the USA?
You’ll learn about why you should study in the US on this blog post. The reasons to study in the US are abound. US is a country of opportunities. As there are many job opportunities, there educational opportunities. Every year, US offers a large number of foreign students fully-funded scholarships to study in the country. In the US, you can be studying and working at the same time.

Summary of Embassy of USA Scholarships In 2023

• Host Country: United States of America
• Host Capital: Washington D.C
• Program Level: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD
• Scholarship Coverage: Fully-funded

• 2023 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program offers accomplished mid-career professionals with demonstrated leadership potential a great opportunity to study in the United States for a year of graduate-level non-degree academic coursework and professional development activities.

• University: United States America Universities
• Scholarship Country: USA
• Link:

 2023 Yale University Scholarships
Yale University is a top-ranked university in USA. The 2023 Yale University Scholarship program for international students is fully-funded and it’s for the applicants who want to study Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. at Yale. The Yale Scholarship award worth $70,000 per year; the average Yale need-based scholarship is more than $50,000.

• University: Yale University
• Host Country: USA
• Link:

• 2022 University of New Haven Scholarship
The University of New Haven Scholarship program is a fully-funded scholarship that is offered to qualified foreign students who want to study Master’s degree.

• University: University of New Haven
• Host Country: USA
• Link:

2022 Google Scholarships in the USA
Google is one of the companies that grant  Scholarships to foreign students in the USA. Google willing to offer up 100,000 scholarships to qualified students in 2022.


• 2022 Boston University Scholarships in USA
Boston University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. scholarships to all qualified international students who wish to study in the university.

• University: Boston University
• Host Country: USA
• Link:

• 2023 Georgia State University Scholarships in the USA
The Georgia University Scholarship is for interested applicants who want to pursue Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD Degrees at the university. The scholarship closes in October.

• University: Georgia State University
• Host Country: USA
• Link:

• 2022 Harvard University Scholarships in the USA
The Harvard University Scholarships for International students is in the list of best business scholarship programs. Harvard Scholarship is merit based and it’s fully-funded.

• University: Harvard University
• Host Country: USA
• Link:

• 2023 Fulbright Scholarships
The Fulbright Scholarships are for the intelligent applicants who desire to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in the US. These scholarship awards cover students’ tuition, required textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, health insurance, and others.

• Host Country: USA
• Link:

Each of the above fully-funded scholarships in the US has its own date. And they’re all for the most qualified applicants from all around the world.

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