Hidden signs of depression that people ignore

Hidden signs of depression that people ignore.

Most people would normally go through depression at a point in their lives, it may be due to different factors from stress, over thinking, or hormonal shifts. Depression knows no boundaries, it can affect people of all ages, from children, teenagers, and adults to men and women from all races.
The signs or symptoms of depression can be tricky, as you may find it difficult to understand whether it’s just one of those mood swings or it’s actually more than that, and you’re already falling into depression, self-denial is a very strong factor that hinders people from identifying whether they are depressed or not. 

According to a report, about 17 million people in the United States would experience mental illness or depression at one stage or the other in their lives, hence, the world has been taking steps to improve the understanding of signs and symptoms of both temporary and lifelong mental illness. Below are some of the signs:

1. Meal skipping or eating less
There are instances when we skip meals or eat less portions, this may be due to the fact that we’re quite busy or have a timeline to beat, but when this occurs more regularly and becomes a pattern, then there is a cause for concern, it’s advisable to look into the causes and try to create a eating diary that would allow you monitor your eating. 

2. Hormonal changes 
Depression can lead to the increase of certain hormones in the body system, especially cortisol hormones, it does aggravate other symptoms and may sometimes be actually responsible for those symptoms. It leads to increased blood pressure, reduces the potency of the immune system, and makes weight loss efforts a waste. 

3. Lashing out 
Depression may set in as a result of some life frustrations, it may result into anger or irritability, this makes you unnecessary lash out at people around you (spouse, kids, employees, etc), most hostile and short-tempered people are actually depressed, if you notice this in yourself, you should take out time and think about the emotions that may be driving you towards it. 

4. Toggling
This is one of the signs of depression. Toggling is a phenomenon when a person undegoes temporary happiness or joy due to a happy event and everything would seem fine and perfect for that moment, not until when the person gets used to the condition, and then they fall back into their sad state, when this occurs, then it is one of the signs of depression.

5. Self-medicating
This isn’t a major sign of discussion but it isn’t out of the way if it is being discussed, as people who are depressed are likely to be addicted to a substance, they are more likely to smoke, drink heavily, and have addictions on other substances. If you notice that you’re addicted to a particular substance, then it’s very important to talk to someone. 

6. Can’t get out of bed
Do you find it very difficult to get out of bed when you wake up in the morning? Maybe due to muscle fatigue and soreness, which in turn has a paralyzing effect on the body, and makes it quite difficult to move. This is because the body gets naturally stressed when being depressed and affetcs major bodily systems.

7. Thoughts of ending your life
When you start thinking about ending your life by commiting suicide, then be sure that you’re at the peak of depression. Some people are actually obsessed about death and the different ways to die, if you find yourself or a loved one always thinking or obsessed with death, then you need to ask for help. 

10 Hidden Symptoms of Depression Most People Ignore
Alice G. Walton: Depression Isn’t Always What You Think: The Subtle Signs

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