Here is Why You Should Put Lemon Slices in Your Tea Kettle Every Now and Then

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A couple of lemon slices can indeed work miracles for your tea kettle. When you use your tea kettle on a regular basis, you will realize this problem: after a while, there are pieces of limescale floating around at the bottom of the kettle. When you want to boil some water for a cup of tea, it is often annoying to have to avoid these white pieces of scale. There are effective cleaning tips out there that inform you to clean the kettle with chemical cleaning products. Do you prefer to use simple and natural methods, though? Then this tip with lemon slices is awesome for you to give a trial. All you need to get is a couple of lemon slices and a kettle full of limescale.


Limescale is inevitable when it comes to kettles. It builds up as you use it and appears in the form of a white scale around the heating element or the bottom and walls of the kettle. The limescale can fall away and then float in the water, and possibly be poured into your next cup of tea. Limescale from a tea kettle isn’t bad for bad for your health. The calcium and magnesium in drinking water are both healthy minerals – we even deserve them. The major reason why a kettle has a filter is so the pieces of limescale don’t end up in your tea or coffee. Do you want to make sure your kettle is completely clean and free of limescale again? Then it is necessary to descale it regularly.

Lemon slices

The video below reveals what a couple of lemon slices can do for your kettle. You only need to cut two lemons into slices or wedges and put them in the kettle. Simply fill the kettle about halfway with water and then turn it on. Pour out the water when it is done boiling, but ensure you leave the lemon inside. Then fill it halfway with fresh water once again and turn it back on. You will realize that your kettle would look clean again after boiling lemon water twice. Is it not clean yet? Then kindly repeat these steps once or twice more.

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