Here is Why You Should Put a Tea Bag in Your Fridge

This trick is the only solution to end a smelly fridge. It is disgusting to open the fridge and perceive a nasty smell. You can take everything out of the fridge and clean the entire thing, but you might not always have the time to do that – or feel like doing it. In addition, a smelly fridge isn’t necessarily dirty and perhaps it could be as a result of leftovers that smell like garlic or onion. To get rid of these natures of smells, you can make use of this handy trick with a tea bag.

There is no need to clean the entire fridge right away.

Food products

It is not a strange thing that nasty smells come out from a fridge, since it holds a ton of different food products, each with their own smell. Not all food products can stand the temperature of the fridge very well, so it is logical they start to smell after a while. Expired foods can also start to smell; be it leftovers with garlic, onion, or different types of cabbage. Does your fridge emit some dubious smells but do you not have the time to have an elaborate cleaning session? This simple trick is there to help you out. All that is required is a tea bag.

Tea bag

Before applying this trick, you need to remove the cause of the nasty smell from your fridge or transfer it to an airtight container. Now ready? Take a used tea bag and let it dry properly. Place it on a saucer and then place the saucer in a central spot in your fridge. If you have a particularly large fridge, you can use multiple tea bags. You will realize that the smell will get absorbed by the tea bag pretty quickly. Are you someone that doesn’t drink tea? Then you can use a small bowl of coffee grounds or baking soda instead.


Since we are now aware that tea bags have the ability to get rid of nasty smells, why not use it on different areas of your home as well? You can put a used tea bag in your cat’s litter box or at the bottom of your trash can and it will work effectively there as well. The bonus: Tea can also safeguard your houseplants from dangerous fungi or moulds. Simply boil some water and add the used tea bag to this. You will be making a kind of weak tea. Let this tea water cool down completely and then use it to water your indoor plants.


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