Here is Why a Paper Towel Tube is the Ideal Vacuum Attachment

Have you been looking for ways to vacuum small nooks and crannies? Then there is a solution by a paper towel. We are always attracted to weird and fun tricks, and life hacks, most especially when they are efficient with regards to household chores. Today, we are here with another new tricking; making a handy vacuum attachment from a paper towel tube. It is very simple whilst effective! You will be wondering why we haven’t come up with this before!

Henceforth, you don’t need to throw away that empty paper tube, as you can use it for this trick.


It is very displeasing when you are vacuuming and you can’t reach a particular nook or cranny by just a few centimeters. You try to hover it with the vacuum, but it is no use. The dust and dirt are stuck in that secluded spot and won’t come loose. A lot of vacuum cleaners usually come with a thin attachment, but even that is too large for certain tiny crevices. You actually need to have something that is thin and flexible for the task. And that is where the paper towel tube comes in!


Do you wonder how it works? It is very simple. Grab an empty paper towel tube or an empty toilet roll. Most paper towel tubes are a little sturdier than toilet rolls, so they work a little better, but if you don’t have one of those a toilet roll will work fine as well. You will need to push the tube over the opening of the vacuum. If the tube is too small for that purpose, you should push it in the opening. The suction of the vacuum cleaner will cause it to stay put, but perhaps you will manage to wiggle it stuck yourself already as well. If the tube remains very loose around the opening, you should use a bit of tape to attach it properly. With your hand, you will now need to squeeze the end of the paper towel tube (the part that is not on or in the vacuum cleaner) into a nozzle.


Have you got the tube properly attached? Then it is time to start vacuuming. With your hand, navigate the DIY attachment to the crevice you want to vacuum. If needed, flatten the tube with your fingers, so it fits inside the nook or cranny. Since the cardboard is flexible, it will adapt to the size of the space you want to vacuum. By this way, you can ensure that even the smallest crevices become free of dust and dirt.

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