Here is what Happen When Your Dog Lick Your Face! The Truth Will Surprise You!

If you are part of those people who usually allow their dogs to lick their face, then we have serious news for you. You should stop dog from licking your face because it can come along with several health problems. A lot of people usually talk that dog’s mouth is cleaner than humans. Well, this is far from the truth because it is not possible for dog’s mouth to be cleaner.

How can it be clean when they eat garbage, someone else’s poop and they don’t even brush their teeth like we do? And that is exactly why they transfer harmful bacteria on you when your face is licked by a dog.

There are several cases when dogs actually transferred tuberculosis to their owners such as when a little child was infected with tuberculosis through their family dog in 2013. Fortunately for the 10 year old baby, he fully recovered but the dog was put to sleep by the family. If that will not “wake you up” then you should continue reading to see another important reason why you need to avoid letting your dog lick your face.

Another critical aspect to consider is saliva – it is possible for you to get infection if you allow your dog to lick your wounds because the pathogen porphyromonaspeel causes gum disease at dogs and gingivitis at humans. This can easily be transmitted from dogs to humans. I believe there is no one that would love to have such infection.

However, we have written this article not to force you to stop giving the love to your dog or even get rid of it rather you should be really aware of the contact with them because you might end up with health problems.


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