Here is how You Can Use a Coin to Check Whether You Need to Replace Your Car Tyres

 Are you aware of when you should replace your car tyres? Do you exactly know when you should replace your car tyres? We honestly wouldn’t know and we’d rather have someone else take a look at it. But do you know there is a very easy trick to check the profile of your tyres with ease? That way, you know if it is time to replace them or if you can still get some mileage out of them. Indeed, it is super simple!

Tread wear

By driving your car, the profile of your tyres gradually wears down. How long it takes before you need to replace the tyres depends on the type of tyre you are using. Also, it can depend on the style of driving of the driver, the tyre pressure and the temperature. There are some tyres that can simply wear more quickly than others. Usually, tyres have a lifespan of about five or six years, but this can also be both shorter and longer.


When you are driving your car, the profile of your tyres slowly wears. When the profile is completely worn, your car won’t be able to grip the road properly and this can have all kinds of horrible consequences. Also, your braking distance is longer and you might run off the road. This can cause dangerous occurrences, so it is very necessary to always check your tyres. You need to make sure that you check your tyre pressure at least once a month, because driving around on soft tyres can make it even more tread wear.


Do you check if your car tyres are in need of replacement? Then it is important to know that the profile of your car tyres should be at least 2 millimeters deep. The legal requirement is 1.6 millimeters, but a lot of car producers recommend 2 mm. Tyres can also wear at a slant, so check the depth in several spots along the breadth of the tyre. In the USA they can use American penny for this trick, but you can also very easily use a Euro coin.

Euro coin

You only need to take one Euro coin. The gold-coloured edge of the coin is exactly 3 millimeters. Stick the coin into the profile of the tire. Is the golden edge covered? Then you still have at least 3 millimeters of profile. Can you see a bit of the golden edge? Then it is time to have your tires replaced.

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