Here is How Jennifer Lopez’s Daily Menu Look Like

Have you also been wondering about the daily diet of the singer? Here is all what you need to know on how Lopez still looks as good as when she was thirty even when she has passed fifty. We have all been in envy of her sculpted physique for quite some time now and everyone really love to know more about most especially as she has turned 50 in July 2019.

However, if you have ever thought that Jennifer’s body was the work of blessed genetics or a casual Pilates class, then you are making a great mistake, all what make a lot of work on her body are a clean diet and a strict workout regimen.

Aside the fact that she possesses awesome genes, the singer naturally works very hard to ensure her radiant appearance and fit physique are maintained. Continue reading to see what exactly Jennifer eats to stay in shape.

Talking about healthy eating and exercise, Lopez knows exactly what she is doing.

Healthy Diet

Jennifer is more concern that her healthy diet is a great factor to her fit body and radiant skin. Also, she feels best when she eats healthily. According to a statement credited to her personal trainer Tracy Anderson, healthy foods offer the necessary energy Jennifer needs to do what she does. “It is all very nutritious and organic, with a lot of protein”, she told People.


Her day is always started with a shake, she told People. Her favorite is a smoothie with red fruit, Greek yoghurt, cinnamon, honey, some ice cubes, a squirt of fresh lemon juice and a scoop of protein powder.

Anytime she decided to eat something else, her options would be oatmeal with fruit. Jennifer doesn’t drink coffee unless it is a decaf. “I haven’t been drinking caffeine for years” she told US Weekly. Instead, she usually drinks water throughout the day just to stay hydrated especially before workouts.


For lunch, Jennifer prefers to eat a salad with lots of vegetables, salmon, peppers and zucchini. She also loves to add roasted pumpkin seeds, feta and shallots. She tends to make her dressing from lemon juice and olive oil.

According to what Romero told US Weekly, In general, she always stays away from processed foods and receives nutrients from whole sources mainly from vegetable products.

For her to stay satiated, Jennifer normally adds protein to every meal. For a standard nature, she eats a handful of unsalted nuts per day. She usually gets her protein from eggs, turkey, fish and chicken.

“Proteins are vital for binge eating; they offer me a full feeling for a long time and moreover it is the perfect fuel for your muscles” say Jennifer.

See what she eats for dinner:


Anytime she is at home, Lopez loves eating with her children around 6:30pm. The dinner usually includes protein-rich foods with lots of vegetables. She often serves brown rice, sweet potatos or quinoa. One of her favorite dishes is grilled chicken breast with stir-fried Brussels sprouts and baked sweet potatos.

Even when she went out, Jennifer often knows how to get the best menu for the best choices. According to her remarks with Hello, she said, “Most restaurants usually offer healthy, low calorie meals so I watch for things on the menu that fit my lifestyle”.

“I will have a salad or some fish with veggies and ensure that I drink lots of water throughout the meal” she added.


Although Jennifer eats super healthily, she does not really like to take herself away from everything. She admit that “I still occasionally eat an unhealthy snack, but with moderation. I am not starving myself”. She noted that she still take a lot of foods she admire but in moderation and doesn’t deprive herself.

Jennifer’s guilty pleasures include chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.


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