Here Are Four Effective Ways to De-Ice a Frozen Car Lock

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These ways will offer you everything you need to get to defrost a frozen car lock. At this moment, a lot of places around the world are very cold. During the night, the temperature usually falls below zero which implies that there is a thin layer of ice on our cars in the morning. It is unpleasant to experience the need to scrape your windshield clean, but what in a situation whereby your car lock has frozen shut? That is much worse, isn’t it? Having to wait until the lock has defrosted on its own will definitely consume much of your time – perhaps even days – therefore we will be giving you some solution herein.

There are several easy tricks that can help you de-ice a frozen car lock!

1.     Hand Sanitizer: This is a very handy trick as it is easy to always have a bottle of hand sanitizer with you in your bag or purse. Of course, it is useful to clean your hands from germs or bacteria but it also comes in handy when your car lock is frozen. You only need to drip some of the sanitizer onto your key and then put it into the lock. Try to turn the key and don’t force it because it might get broken if you use too much force on it. The high alcohol percentage in the hand sanitizer reduces the freezing point of the water, which enables the ice in the lock to melt pretty much right away. If the key won’t turn, you need to take it out of the lock again and drip some more hand sanitizer on it.

2.     Vaseline/Petroleum jelly: Don’t you have hand sanitizer with you? Worry not as you can make use of Vaseline to achieve the same result. Slather a nice thick layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly onto the key and try opening the lock with this. Meanwhile, as we have rightly stated, don’t force it or you might break the key. You might need to repeat the process a couple of times before you are successful at it! The Vaseline will make the ice in the lock melt which will make it possible for you to get into your car.

3.     Warm liquid: Are you opportune to have a cup of warm coffee or tea with you? Then you can dip your car key into the hot liquid for the metal to heat up. Dry the hot key and now put it in the lock. The heat will melt the ice. Should in case you are at home, you can make use of hot water too. It is the same process and you shouldn’t skip the step of drying the key before putting it in the lock! Otherwise, the liquid will definitely freeze again later!

4.     Lighter: This method is effective for metal keys and you will need to be careful about it. You should try heating your key with a lighter. You shouldn’t try this method if you have first tried the hand sanitizer or Vaseline method as you might end up with a burning key. Therefore, heat a clean key and try to melt the ice in the car lock with the hot key. If possible, wear thick, fire-resistant gloves and pay close attention while doing it.

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