Here Are 10 Celebrities Who Struggle With Bipolar Disease

People that struggle with bipolar disease can experience it gripping them and take over their life. It is a nature whereby they can sometimes feel delighted, energetic, or excited and some other days they will feel very sad, irritable, tired, anxious, or hopeless. Do you have what we have listed or reading this because you have a friend or family who is sometimes outgoing and sometimes not to enjoy their favorite hobbies? Most people usually confuse these attributes to mere mood swings not noticing that sometimes they even make it complex for one to sleep, focus, or even think straight.

These signs mightn’t actually deduce mood swings but a lifelong but treatable mental disorder regarded as Bipolar Disorder.

What does Bipolar Disease means?

Bipolar Disorder which is also known as “Maniac-depressive illnesses” could be referred to as a mental disorder which causes unusual symptoms such as shifts in moods, activity levels, energy levels, and the ability to carry out daily activities. Most people that have this brain disorder usually experience unusual behavior changes.

They can abruptly shift from very happy, and active, “up,” to very sad, hopeless, and inactive, “down” and then back again. Medical doctors referred the ‘up’ feeling mania whereas the ‘down’ feeling depression. Meanwhile, these people can experience normal feelings in between the “up and down” moods.

It was stated by National Institute of Mental Health that there are no obvious causes of bipolar disorder. It was discovered that it could be hereditary, a result of abnormal structure or abnormal functioning of the brain. People with this disease receive a diagnosis during their late teenage years. And, it is pertinent to note that the struggle usually lasts a lifetime.

10 Celebrities Who Struggle With Bipolar Disease

1.     Mariah Carey: Have you ever thought about it that one of the greatest and best artists in the music industry would come to the public and let people know that she has been struggling with bipolar?

She actually did. Mariah notifies the public about her condition earlier this year saying she had her bipolar diagnosis in 2001. While speaking to People Magazine, Mariah admitted living in denial and isolation for numerous years because she feared the stigma attached to bipolar as a disease.

She decided to start the treatment alongside having positive people around her until she got back to writing songs and making music.

Also, she hopes that pronouncing her disorder publicly will help her in eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health issues.  

2.     Jean-Claude Van Damme: Van Damme is a beloved actor in action films. It was during his rapid rise to stardom that the Belgian kick-boxer Van Damme’s personal life got unraveled. He divorced four times, received charges of spousal abuse, and became a cocaine addict. All these happened in the 90s.

Things started being positive for him in 1998 after he was diagnosed with rapid-cycling bipolar which was characterized by mood swings between high and low becoming much more frequent. The diagnosis stated that a person needs four or more episodes or attacks of mania or depression in a year.

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