He Puts 4 Tomato Slices in a Pot with Soil and the Result 10 days later is Amazing! You should try it!

If you admire fresh tomato a lot, this trick is for you. Due to your love for tomatoes, you will probably known nothing beats those fresh tomatoes from your own vegetable patch. This is because no matter how fresh the ones you buy at the supermarket or the greengrocer’s really are, there is nothing nice like growing your own food! It is fun to grown your own tomato, and it is not a difficult thing to do at all!

No Seeds Needed

It is super easy and a little lazy, to buy tomatoes at the supermarket. You don’t have to wait for ages to wait until your tomatoes are ripe and you don’t have to go out of your way to buy seeds. But that is the right thing! There is no need to buy seeds to grow your own tomatoes. Every tomato has the potential of being turned into a new tomato plant; that is just how Mother Nature works.

Easy Method

We have got a super handy DIY method that will give you amazing results in 10 days. Also, it is no rocket science; anyone can do it and that’s what we love about it! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you will be able to make this method work after watching the short video we’ve got for you. And it saves you money as well! What more do you want?

How to do it:

All what you need is a pot with soil and overripe tomato, which you have to cut into a couple of slices. Just toss the slices into the pot with soil; you will be able to see the little seeds within the tomato. Now, use a thin layer of compost or potting soil to cover the tomato slices. Water it so very often, and after one or two weeks, you will have over fifty little seedlings! Four to five little plants will be enough. Just pick the ones that are the biggest, because those are often the strongest as well. And that is it! You will have singlehandedly made your own tomato plants!

You can watch the video below to see for yourself how it is done:


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