Having Trouble Peeling an Orange? Not If You Use a Spoon! This is How You Do it…

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We have never thought peeling orange could be this easy! Peeling orange isn’t always an easy task to do. In fact, it can be surprisingly frustrating! You will need to push your thumb pretty far into the fruit to loosen the peel even a little bit. More often than not, we get a bit too enthusiastic and push a little too hard. You go straight into the flesh of the orange and damage the fruit. In addition, the juice gets everywhere. Or you don’t go far enough and leave a lot of pith.

Fortunately, there is a way to quickly and easily peel your orange!


YouTube chef Justin Chapple knows a handy trick to peel oranges and shows us how to do it on the Food & Wine YouTube channel. All you need to make this trick work effectively is a spoon. Yes, a spoon! You do need a paring knife to slice into the orange peel – just the peel, not the fruit itself. Use the knife to score around the centre of the orange. Now, this is where the spoon comes in! Push the handle of the spoon underneath the peel and carefully go all around the orange. You will observe that you can easily lift off half of the peel! Put it back so you can hold it properly, and do the same for the other side.

It really is this easy! Do you want to see how it is done? Take a look at this video below:

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