Having Trouble Opening a Glass Jar? With This Handy Trick That Will Be a Thing of The Past!

That stubborn glass jar of pickles? You will open it in a jiffy! We are all aware how frustrating it is to stand in the kitchen, trying to open a glass jar of something we either want to eat straight away or add to a dish we are cooking, and being unable to. Pickles, jam, beans, apple sauce; they are lost to us forever because we find it difficult to open the jar. It is as if the manufacturers do it on purpose! Fortunately, there is a very simple trick that will enable you to easily open glass jars.

In fact, you will be able to open it within a few seconds.


All you need is duct tape! You might be thinking: “how can some duct tape help me open a glass jar?” well, it is actually really simple! The only thing you need to do is to cut off a piece of tape of about 20 centimeters (8 inches). Then stick the piece of tape on the lid of a jar, about three quarters of the way around. Make sure you leave a few centimeters free of tape.


Take hold of the end of the piece of tape with one hand. Use the other hand to hold the jar steady and then lightly pull on the tape. It will hardly cost you any strength and you will see that the lid of the jar will come loose without a problem. There is no need to struggle with glass jars in the kitchen henceforth! It is time to save you the frustration and just grab a roll of duct tape the next time the issue rolls around.

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