Great Signs You Have a Great Husband

Is there actually anyone that wouldn’t want to be married to an incredible guy? Most especially those ones you usually see on TV or in movies? But is there such a thing as the perfect husband? Marriage is a great thing and at the same time it could be a great challenge. We should all remember that there are two people in a marriage, so both must make an effort for the relationship to work effectively.

While it is true that there is no perfect human being, there are still some certain signs that will tell you if you have a good husband or not. It is a fantastic opportunity for you when your husband has some signs which make him a great husband. Husbands are normally great people but the best ones aren’t always on the market or easy to find. Should your husband possess these qualities? You have a wonderful man in your life. Hold onto him! The attributes are:

  1. He loves spending time with you: A sign that you have a great husband is when he is always willing to be with you and tenderly shows it. No matter what you do together, he enjoys being close to you. He laughs, makes jokes, takes your hand, touches your hair, and makes you feel like a special woman. If you have a husband that can stay home and watch a romantic movie with you, or go out to eat because he likes being with you, you are lucky to have a good husband. A strong sign that there is mutual love in a marriage is the desire to adapt to the good habits and preferences of one’s spouse.
  2. He is willing to teach you what he knows:You also have a good husband if he is always willing to teach you about what he knows and is patient through the process just for you to learn it. You should appreciate when he wants you to learn something, even when it seems like he is thinking you are not “smart” as he is when it comes to a particular craft. Your hubby is showing you he is the best guy in the world when he really wants you to actually learn something. If he desires to teach you, kindly accept it.
  3. He always laughs when he is around you: Is there anybody that doesn’t love a man with a great sense of humor? If your husband is very good at making you smile at the right time, if he is cheerful despite having a bad day and if he tells you it makes him happy to see you smile, he is a man you should hold onto. A happy husband will laugh around you because of excitement to be with you. It is even possible that what you said to him is barely funny but he will still crack up just to make you smile. The joy of a great husband is to always make his wife happy.


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  1. He worries about you: When a husband is very concerned about his wife’s safety and he is always ensuring that she is well taken care of, both physically and emotionally, you have won the lottery. Worrying is a serious sign of concern. A great husband will always want to ensure that his wife is feeling okay and out of harm’s way. Although some men aren’t brought up to be emotional, creative, and romantic, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about their spouse.
  2. He communicates well: If your husband can talk with you about anything from office discussion to sports and reality shows, then he listens to what you have to say and actually tries to understand you, you have a super husband! Communication is a great factor in every marriage. When you see that your husband is willing to tell you about his problems, don’t avoid it, be interested in it. Ensure your response tells him that you also love to listen to his problems and hold everything he says with great value.
  3. He offers you unconditional support: In life, there are different hits that will come your way; you will stumble, you will fall, and you will get back up again. A great husband will be there for you, support you, even when the going gets tough. If your husband is the type of person who usually sees good things in life, stays positive when faced with challenges and cheers you up when you need it most, you are lucky to have a gem as a husband. True love and support comes from someone who challenges you, stands beside you when you need them, and gives necessary support to grow as a person.
  4. He is faithful: A great husband accepts that no matter how many good looking he is seeing around, his heart is meant for only one woman, and that woman is his wife. A faithful husband usually avoids making continuous or too many comments regarding other women’s looks. For women, if your husband is faithful, show him your admiration. His commitment should even make you love him more and show it.
  5. He admits his mistakes: No individual is perfect as we are all bound to make mistakes. But a great husband will admit his mistakes when he is wrong and works to repair the damage he has done. It is incredible to recognize one’s mistake and it is even the first step towards freedom, forgiveness, peace and success in marriage. In case he doesn’t admit his mistakes, you should help him with your example, admitting your own. Seek for forgiveness from him when you make a mistake and tell him you are open to listening to him and forgiving him.

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